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Keep your occupation in your awareness #29

Elevated_Mind_And_Subtle_Attitude_29 Mohini_Didi May 29,2023

Om Shanti everyone!

Baba gave us the blessing that our awareness should be for the self, as a living image of God. When you give Baba’s introduction, your words, your features, your image should somewhere give the experience of the presence of God. We came to know Shiv Baba through Brahma Baba. It was not what he was speaking, but his forehead, we could just feel how Baba was there; His smile, His sweetness, His presence actually gave us the feeling of who God is and what God’s personality is. We all have different qualities, different personalities, but create this awareness of living images in the temple. Even the body, you say is a temple. Temple is a place; keep it clean, sacred. It’s not that anyone can enter. Even to wash the feet of the idols, only a priest who is a brahmin can do it. I would like to create that experience. When you create that experience then gradually your image will give a true introduction of who God is. That's where Baba says, you glorify My name, son shows Father.

Now Baba is saying mostly to look at how we start ascending from the iron age. We reverse from iron to copper, then from copper to silver, then golden. From tamopradhan to tamo, then rajo, sato, then sato pradhan. We are ascending and at this time Baba is saying we are between the silver and golden ages. We have gone beyond the iron age, that is shudra sanskars. Shudra sanskars are, they make promises and don’t do it, tell lies and make excuses. After shudra, vaishya, always even with God, we bargain, if you do this, I will do that, like a business. I always say don't bargain with God. Be a bestower, be a fortune maker. Then we go above that, there is internal conflict, warrior class. Then we go above, that’s where we become a living idol or golden age deity. Go beyond and become a deity, then very beautiful feelings of being a living image emerge.

The homework which we are taking from Baba is what awareness should be there while doing actions. I think that requires attention. Sometimes we are busy, all the time busy! Our intellect is with actions, but it should be awareness, while doing action. You are earning double income, transformation and especially powers will keep increasing. Baba asks, what’s your business? What you are doing, world benefactors! Whether souls or resources, they will keep increasing and will be used more for unlimited service. Our awareness which we call mansa seva, serving through the mind, is awareness, smriti. Smriti always is in the thought, in the mind, what do I think, what is my awareness? Smriti, while doing actions, should be natural. Baba said when you are a businessman, even at night time you will be dreaming that you are doing business. It’s natural. I have seen medical doctors all the time, their intellect is; be careful about this, be careful about that. Baba reminds us that our awareness should be that we are world benefactors. Whatever we do is beneficial. It's very natural for us; our compassion, our kindness, sharing Baba’s shrimat. Baba is saying while doing actions your awareness should be of your occupation. With that awareness your mind is busy, so ego, wasteful thoughts or any kind of conflict doesn’t arise. What is to be benevolent for me and for others will be the awareness all the time. You are earning double, through awareness and through actions. If awareness is ordinary and actions are high actions of seva, you will earn what you are doing as seva. If you have awareness also, I think that not only increases your stage but also your action will bring double reward. It’s only at the confluence age you do one and get ten, no other age. I think that depends on your inner awareness. I always think of Brahma Baba how stable he was, how consistent he was and how well he stayed both in soul and body. We all also think of both Bap and Dada and follow them.

Om Shanti!


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