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Karavanhar Father #28

Become_a_Carefree_Emperor_28             Mohini Didi               March 28, 2024   

Om Shanti 

Baba is the Ocean of Love, very loveful, lovely Baba. Of course, we cannot see Shiv Baba through these eyes, but we can experience, we can feel Baba. Baba’s love, Baba’s power, and what Baba wants from us. Of course, Baba has given us a big task; to give the message to the whole world, to spread vibrations of love and peace, be the embodiment of all these qualities. So, it's a lot of tasks; whether it is personal inculcation, or giving the message, or to be an example for others. Baba’s love for us is while doing all that, to remain a carefree king. Not only carefree but king, but also an emperor. One is to be free from worries, and the other is to have authority, ruling power. Whatever a king should have, we should have in our life as Baba’s children, as Brahmins. So, Baba is giving us some homework, not a big task. Whatever task He gives, He says you shouldn’t be worried. Don’t carry the burden. Just have the awareness of whose task this is, and who is going to help me. If that awareness is there, there is no worry. BapDada always tells you children, Brahmin life means to be a carefree emperor. Father Brahma became a carefree emperor, and so what song did he sing? I have attained what I wanted to attain. What else remains? What do you say now? The work of service still remains, but even that is being carried out by Karavanhar, who makes us do. Karavanhar Father will continue to make us do this. When you say, “I have to do it”, then it becomes a burden. Say, “The Father is making it happen through you, and you will become a carefree emperor. Remember both words, not only emperor because emperor has a lot of worries. My kingdom should remain safe, all subjects should have everything, no one should overtake, so many worries an emperor can have. You are carefree and also an emperor. I really like both words together. Always remember who is making me an emperor, whose task this is, and who will make it happen. Some think remembrance is only thinking that I am a soul, and Baba is a point of light, but remembrance, awareness of Baba’s presence, Baba’s task, Baba’s relationship the whole day, really makes you what Baba wants us to be, a carefree emperor, beautiful.

Om Shanti


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