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Karankaravarhar - “Yes, my Lord!” #8

Karankaravanhar_8 Mohini_Didi July 8, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Is everyone happy with karankaravanhar Baba? Yes? It’s only when we do something in practical, that there are a lot of good experiences. Then our determination and our faith, keeps growing and becomes stable. One is to have points in the intellect, that also is faith, but all these points have to be implemented. So, since morning, when we think of Baba as Karankaravanhar, not only is there lightness, but whenever you find that there are certain tasks that are not very clear, if it’s Baba’s task, it gets done. Who gets it done, Baba. It’s like magic. You don’t see anyone doing it, but Baba makes Himself present and He does it. Like yesterday, what Baba said in the message about silence. Baba doesn't just silently give drishti and observe Drama. I was also thinking that all the elements of nature are silent. It’s not that the sun ever shouts and says, “Look, I am shining”, or the moon says, “Look, I am shining.” Every element, very quietly, constantly, keeps serving. So, why can’t we also have that stage? We have to say what we have to say, do what we have to do, but internally we remain very calm, very silent. As Baba said about the quality of service, that whatever is the need of different souls, you will be able to fulfill that. You won’t need to know the need, but your stage will immediately fulfill the need, the desire of that soul. It is very interesting to experiment. It’s a high quality service, easy service, very good service, because that's what Baba does also.

I think many of you must have gone through this making choices for yourself. Should I do what I want to do and what is practical, or should I do what Baba is asking me to do? When there is a choice, then I think that whenever we choose to obey what Baba is saying, there’s a very different kind of experience. I remember that there are certain tasks you find it’s really beyond your capacity, and you don’t have experience for that. Then the signal comes from Baba, “No, it has to be done.” So, you say, “Okay, Baba is saying it, let’s do it.” Even if there are difficulties, it is not only learning, but that is where Baba also helps. I have had so many assignments in my spiritual life. They were quite bigger than what I had practically done in my life. I had a choice, but I also had to do it the way I was told. A lot of learning happened, but also, everything goes so smoothly, and some miracles also happen, wonders happen. There is no risk involved in these choices. Later on, you just always think, “I will always do what Baba wants me to do.” Baba always says that you take one step forward, and I will come a hundred steps forward. Baba’s help, Baba’s cooperation, Baba’s blessings and powers, then after doing all that, that becomes mine, they’re mine now, right?

So, it could start with spiritual effort, then it can start with certain actions in life. Spiritual effort is also Baba’s directions, and I say, “Yes Baba, I’m determined. I’m going to follow, I will do it.” Sometimes you might slip and do what you shouldn’t be doing, which is not Baba’s direction, but instantly, you will know that this is wrong, “I shouldn’t have done that. Let me change it completely.” It does happen, especially when it comes to words. Like today, Baba said that you shouldn’t be talking about anything, only knowledge, but once in a while, conversations happen that are not of knowledge. Then instantly, realization will come that these are not appropriate conversations, these are not appropriate words. So, then you use full stop and say, “No.” Also, I have more determination, that I shouldn’t repeat these things. So, there is transformation of certain habits. Sometimes they look so normal. When we come to Baba, we come to know that they’re not normal. There’s some karmic accounts, it’s a lack of dharna. It’s not a royal sanskar, it's a waste of time. So many realizations come, and then we say, “Okay, I’m not going to repeat it.” Baba said to use full stop, and then out of habit, maybe you say something, and then you realize. Also give a lot of good wishes to the soul in the conversation, because you have to be forgiven for that.

So, it’s very interesting to bring Karankaravanhar Baba into our lives. In English, we say, “Yes, my Lord.” Then Baba says, “I am present, I am here, I am with you.” I realized in the early mornings that when I’m really in soul-consciousness, there is no distance between the soul and God. When there is body-consciousness and a lot of wasteful thoughts, it takes so much effort to remember Baba. So, I think each one of us should pay attention to being more in soul-consciousness, my eternal stage, my original stage, my relationships with everyone, we are all souls, and Baba is the Supreme Soul. So, it’s a very natural connection, and a natural feeling of belonging. That’s what actually happens. So, we will practice and keep courage, because as I said, sometimes it’s bigger than what you’ve done before, or you don’t have that expertise, or you’ve never done it before. Just say ‘yes’ and see the magic. A lot of beautiful experiences will come, I guarantee you, because I have a lot of them. That’s how your expansion of every ability, every speciality, will happen. How can you improve or progress? It’s only when you take on a task bigger than what you have done that you will progress, improve, right? So, experiment and try saying “haji” to Baba tomorrow.

Om Shanti


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