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Karankaravarhar - Who Am I and What Am I Doing ? #11

Karankaravanhar_#11. Mohini Didi. July 11, 2022

Om Shanti everyone!

We all are applying the practice of Baba as Karankaravanhar. Whatever we are today, our thoughts, our words, our attitude, our student life and just being Baba’s child, is all because of Baba, Baba’s teachings, Baba’s love, Baba being Bestower, He constantly bestowes but we also need to make efforts. There’s a saying that we take one step of courage and Baba comes forward many, many steps. The first step has to be mine.

I always have this question, did I find Baba or did Baba find me? Some say, I had been worshipping and calling out and that's why God came to me. Actually God is the One who found us. He found us to awaken our fortune. Baba gives us recognition of ourselves, who we are. So many titles Baba gives every day; you are the ones who are true brahmins. You never thought that way unless you are born brahmin but you are now spiritually mouth born progeny of Brahma and He awakened our fortune. You might think that we got the treasures, but it's the knowledge - that truth is eternal, because the truth is eternal, knowledge is eternal, true knowledge. Every time you think about it, you apply it and find something new. Some new insight will come, a new aspect is understood, it's like internally you feel your intellect is able to discover something more. Generally when you read scriptures or do chanting it is the same, but here every time you listen, read or study Murli, you find something new. Truth is something which has to be experienced. My attention will be on recognising my own self. Sometimes Baba calls us diamonds, sometimes self sovereigns, flowers, lucky stars… It's different every time. Think about one title. Internally those sanskaras emerge. Baba's face and activities show very clearly on our face.

How does Karankaravanhar play a part in my life? Everyone must be different, but we need certain basic qualities for Karankaravanhar to make me act and act through me. How incognito He does His work. We do need Baba as Karankaravanhar for our personal life to become perfect and for Baba’s task also. Baba says if someone says bad things about you, thinks bad about you, you should have good wishes for them. Is it easy to do that? For us, yes, because of Karankaravanhar. We don't remember anyone doing anything. It's alright, it’s that soul's part, some karmic accounts to settle. Baba has given us knowledge of three aspects of time so think every moment the clock is moving.

Our practice tomorrow will be, “Who am I? Whom do I belong to? What's my fortune?” Also Brahmacharya is a good balance, humility and authority. I was saying there are some people who need to say things forcefully, because they think that what I say will not be accepted unless I make a big noise. Somewhere there’s a lack of self trust but if you have humility, truth, authority you just say it and it works, not only in words but even in the thoughts. Baba is giving us so many subtle powers. Baba says as much power as every thought has, it will reach that far and to many. We are creating that power in thought more and more: more love, peace, silence and patience. We keep increasing that while doing Baba's tasks. I have to be on the journey to become perfect. In the lokik world people have their career to reach to their maximum and here we have to reach our complete and perfect stage. Internally we pay attention to become perfect, but also all that time thinking about Baba’s service. Just recognize what Baba wants us to do and who I am and understand your part and play it accurately.

As it was said yesterday, we will go to the hospital today. They call themselves family, the staff and everyone, it's very clean. There are certain people who can manage to pay their bills, but there are some who can’t, so they serve them. We have at least 25,000 surrendered sisters and brothers, who don't get charged unless they want to. We contribute. At least if I have to go, I always like to contribute, but that also is Baba’s money. I don't have personal income. It really serves. During COVID they closed the hospital to only take COVID patients. The local government, business people, old hotels really helped them to get lots of people and started companies to make masks, even Baba’s children. They would send hundreds of them, Dr. Pratap was telling me they get so much stock of everything from everywhere. There was a Buddhist organisation that gave them a lot. At that time they had problems with the oxygen and they were able to get a lot of supply. I have been part of the hospital from day one because I always feel that education, health and food are essentials for every human life.

Today Baba talked about generosity in connection with the tape recorder. In India there was no tape recorder but they had in Switzerland. Someone gave a gift to Baba. A few people called me to ask what Baba meant by generosity. Baba said if you are generous then you get more, let people take full benefit, same is with the hospital. When we do bhog for departed souls or for Diwali, I don't use any of that money. I say all that shradh-money should go to hospital. We sent it to the hospital to let them have something. We helped them to get an MRI last year which is quite a big project. Anywhere you could serve, anywhere you can make anyone feel good, feel well, it brings a lot of happiness and today Baba said when you do elevated actions now, donate, you become a charitable soul. I don't know how many of you thought about that. You give ‘Dan’, punyatma, and you become charitable.

Om Shanti!


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