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Karankaravarhar - The sign of being Powerful #15

Karankaravanhar #15 Mohini_Didi July 15th, 2022

Om shanti.

Baba gives us such an honor that if you are a Brahmin, you are a Madhuban nivasi. Baba has given us the right to our home and having the awareness that I am a Madhuban nivasi. Baba has sent me to different parts of the world for service, so all other places are our service places, but my home is Madhuban. It’s such a beautiful feeling. Brahmins are the mouth born progeny. Our birth is a very spiritual, special birth. Then we claim the spiritual inheritance from Baba. Baba asked us to be on a spiritual journey.

We know that as children of Brahma Baba we have to follow Brahma Baba. Brahma Baba’s spiritual life began as he recognized Baba. We all also recognize Baba. Baba is God, God is our Baba. On the path of bhakti we all have different relationships, understanding and ideas about God. Baba says whenever there is difficulty we remember God. Then we say He fulfills all the desires, then He is omnipresent, there are so many different opinions. There is a saying, as many are the mouths, there are that many opinions about God. Baba gave us the third eye of knowledge and gave His own introduction. Baba says only I can give my accurate introduction. When there is recognition, then Baba gives us recognition of ourselves. Brahma Baba had the vision of Vishnu, that he would become this, it was his aim and objective. As soon as he had the vision, he accepted it. He didn’t say, “Baba I don’t know if I am worthy, I don’t know if I can be that elevated”, no. Brahma saw Vishnu and Vishnu saw Brahma, the whole concept of God was understood by Brahma Baba. From that moment, Baba started making effort. First was transformation, not only of the self, recognizing that I am soul, not body, but also with all his lokik relationships, daughter, and sons, everyone. He started looking at them not only as souls, but as spiritual relationships. He then told the family, “This is my path, those who want to follow, you come along with me, and rest you can settle your life in the lokik world”. He surrendered and that is the time Baba decided to form a trust of eight kanyas. All the main Dadis were those trustees. Baba surrendered everything, formed this trust, and whatever activity had to be done was through this trust. After that Baba never had even the thought, “I have given so much to God, the yagya, or for seva.” Others contribute something and have opinions on how it is to be used because the consciousness of “I” is there. That was the greatest true renunciation and surrender that he never had the thought that he was the one who got this started, the one who donated all the money. Brahma Baba said Baba and Shiv Baba also said Baba to Brahma Baba. They use Baba for each other, never “I”. How do we have to follow that? Very quickly this “I” comes in. “We did it”, “I did so much”, “I had been doing it for so long”. Automatically “I” comes, and we start keeping our account of karmas. Why do I have to keep counting? I do for Baba, give to Baba, surrender to Baba. Didi Manmohini used to say if you put in Baba’s bank, he will give back with interest. Why do you want to claim it on your own effort? It’s a very subtle point. That is why our lesson of karankaravanhar comes.

I always tell everyone that we began Avyakti Parivar and it’s going on for two and half years. It’s karankaravanhar Baba. Honestly none of us take any credits, rather, we just feel so humbled. Baba you are using us as instruments, You are getting this done. That is why when I am an instrument, Baba is karankaravanhar. My Brahmin upbringing always had been, let Baba tell what to do and let yagya give me what is my responsibility, then Baba becomes responsible, he gets it done. Otherwise, our own limits or shortcomings affect the task. If I want to be accurate for my own personal life or task, the most important mahamantra is, Baba is karankaravanhar. From the heart comes love and gratitude, which creates a very good balance of humility and greatness. When “I” comes, then ego comes, and sometimes you feel great and sometimes you feel that you’re not worthy. To consistently have the balance of humility and greatness is only possible when I always remember that Baba is karankaravanhar. It’s not only when there is difficulty or something is impossible, but even any simple action. If you want to be consistent and free from obstacles, it’s really important that in my awareness, the simrti of Baba, is karakaravanhar. That becomes our mahamantra. Baba knows, if our thinking is big, it will happen if it’s in drama, Baba is karankaravanhar.

One question many Baba’s children ask me, how do I know this is my thought or from Baba? If it is from Baba and it doesn’t happen, you won’t have wasteful thoughts because it was Baba. It’s all right, drama. If you’re having waste thoughts of having such a big plan and it’s not working, Brahmins are not cooperating, it’s because it’s your plan. If it is Baba’s, you won’t have all these thoughts. If it is Baba’s, we know that it will happen, even after 10-20 years. I remember so many things Baba used to tell each one of us that I couldn’t do but Baba didn’t give up on any one of us. Now I look at the list of what He wanted that I couldn’t do.

Our homework for tomorrow, practice thinking elevated, not with doubtful thought. Have elevated thoughts, worlds and actions. When we have thought, we have sown the seed, then it’s up to karankaravanhar Baba. Very interesting experiences in personal life and in yagya are visible when we have this thought. Baba is doing it. All of us just focus on becoming perfect and be natural and do whatever you can to contribute, especially the power of purity, power of yoga, power of silence, these are the biggest contributions to yagya. When there is power of yoga, the obstacles can be removed. Power of silence, things get resolved. Use these powers of purity, silence, and yoga as our main contribution. Let Baba do his task, of course though us, but we need to still have those powers so he can use me as an instrument. Listen to whatever someone has to say, stay in silence, and see how the person can have realization, and transformation can happen. It’s a very unique way that is our present contribution to yagya. Follow Brahma Baba, and remember karankaravanhar Baba.

Om shanti.

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