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Karankaravarhar - Sweet Drama #21

Karankaravanhar_21 Mohini_Didi July 21, 2022

Om Shanti!

Happy Satguruvaar to everyone! Baba wants us to be real and royal, so then you are lovely. Baba says that when you are lovely, then everyone will be attracted towards you. Dadi Janki used to tell us that when there is purity and you are lovely, there will be very good relationships, but not attachment. Attachment in the sense of sorrow, sadness, missing someone. We do care for each other, we have a lot of love for each other. In the Brahmin family, we always have a lot of love for everyone, and a lot of good wishes for everyone. So, I remember we used to get a little bit too loving, then everyone would have attachment, and Dadi said, “No.” Since then, I realized that it's true, because our love is a love where we care, we give, we do, very cooperative, and actually it is in the Brahmin family that there is true love. I know that we have a program called ‘family care’ that if someone is physically not well, we try to see that they get food, they get a visit. I know in some situations, kids didn't have time, or they had to work, but Baba's children were present. So, this kind of care is very healing, and this kind of love is very important. So, don't think, “Oh if I care too much or I give lots of love, there will be attachment.” There's nothing like lots of love. Every soul requires a lot of care and love. Baba also expresses that love and care through Baba's instruments. At the right time, if there is a need, and you are able to fulfill that, it really makes the heart of that person very full.

So, it is important to be real and royal, but also loving, and also very caring, but don't have fear of attachment. Maybe I will get attached or that person will get attached. No. One time Dadi Janki asked me, “Do you think we have attachment? She said, “Of course I have attachment with all of you, but that attachment is not physical attachment or dependency, but more nurturing, more caring, and very true love. So, that's very important especially at this time. This gives a lot of beautiful feelings of belonging, and belonging is also very important. We don't feel that belonging now from lokik, but it is from Baba's children, Baba's family members. I always used to say that Drama is wonderful, but today, it’s ‘sweet Drama’. How to create that hundred percent love with Drama? With Baba, we can understand Drama, because it's accurate, in relationships, or when it comes to settling karmic accounts. Every scene that comes, every situation, nothing is wrong because it calculates accurately. You shouldn't look at the circumstances, but you should look at what benefit you had from that, what you learned. You always say that there is some kind of benefit there. I learned something, maybe I became strong, maybe I settled something.

So, feel the sweetness of Drama. As much we trust Baba, that much, we need to trust Drama. Then also this aspect of karankaravanhar. Don't get confused, because there are certain situations where you wonder what's happening, and why? Baba says, “Don't get confused, it's Drama.” If you are not confused, Baba will solve it for you. I start seeing more and more how Baba works as karankaravanhar and you have to invoke Him. He will not necessarily just appear. Today, I have been playing a lot with karankaravanhaar Baba, “You do it, You are the one.” So, we are thinking about Brahmachari, thinking about Baba's murli, and then our homework also. So, tomorrow's practice is, be a detached observer, you will see Drama is sweet and it's unfolding. We love Drama. Drama is listening to us. This Drama is accurate, it's perfect.

Om Shanti

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