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Karankaravarhar - Surrender in every thought #17

Karankaravanhar_17 Mohini_Didi July 17, 2022

Om Shanti!

Is everyone OK? Everyone is well? Very happy to hear this and see this. Baba describes our personality, and one has to believe it. Baba says, “You are the most pure, elevated and royal souls”. It's the purity that makes us elevated, and when you are elevated, you are royal. It's not ordinary. Baba is saying that in the entire cycle, the whole kalpa, even in the Copper Age, your images are worshipped in a very royal way. When you are living deities in the Golden Age, you are very elevated. So, Baba is describing our royalty throughout the cycle. We listen to Baba and we can all say ‘yes’, but we also have to see it in practical. That's where the example of Brahma Baba comes in front of us, because that is how Brahma Baba was. When you are alokik or you are spiritual, there is royalty.

So, everything really begins from thoughts. Brahma Baba had an important service. Whenever he found or he felt there were some souls, Baba’s children, who needed help somewhere, Baba would sit and through his thoughts, give light and might to those souls, like a current. They used to feel it, and when they felt it, they were able to discern and decide what they had to do at that moment. So, the true service is when anyone, because of any reason, is in difficulty, like when everyone calls, this one is not well, this is happening, that's happening, we can give light and might to those souls. Not only does this increase their power to discern, power to decide, but also they could feel that the obstacle is resolving, karmic account is settling, or maybe inner battling has disappeared or reduced, or they are inspired. Suddenly they find courage and that's happening because of the seva of giving light and might. This requires a lot of concentration of the mind and intellect, and in that concentration it's not only that your mind is very pure and peaceful, but then there is the connection with Baba. So, it's not that I am giving sakaash, but I'm remembering Baba and then through Baba they are getting light and might. So that was the seva, the service, that was very important, and Baba did it from the very beginning.

So, mansa seva, service through thoughts, is helping me in my stage as well as helping others. When we speak through words it has very limited impact. You get to know something more or understand more, but when you do it through thoughts, that means even though I'm doing it through words, the impact is as much as the stage is, can’t be more. People have a habit like in the lecture if there is a story, they will remember the story. If you give examples, they will remember examples. So, it has an impact, but very limited. When Baba says to serve at the same time whilst speaking through the thoughts. It's a very beautiful stage, when you’re saying something but your state of mind, your being, is in this stage. We have seen and experienced ourselves, you go in silence, very deep silence, anywhere you stand and walk around, there will be a kind of silence, the atmosphere of silence. Then you don't have to tell people to be in silence. They will be quiet, natural quietness will spread. The same is with our actions because life is about thoughts, words and actions. I have been paying a lot of attention on actions that become neutral actions, you're not creating any karmic account. We already have a lot to settle, so how is that possible? Anything you have to think or say, first create that stage, because then you are in neutral, in the sense that you are in your eternal stage. Eternity doesn't have any karmic account. Just forget about the whole thing, forget about what was happening or settling or spoken. Just let me come back to my eternal self. It feels so powerful later on and also in that stage when you speak or think, it is becoming akarma, neutral. It's a very subtle stage, but it's very beautiful, and you don't create any kind of account. Generally, every action is minus or plus, and settling or creating also happens if necessary. So, in that stage, I'm detached and lovely, and then when you think, when you speak, when you do actions, definitely you are serving through all three.

So, Brahma Baba just gave light and might. Every soul is independent, every soul has one's own part to play, and you have to allow souls to play their parts. It's good to be a good example and let that other person learn from that example, because souls have a very good intellect these days, they can learn everything. If I am very gentle and calm and if I want everyone to be like that, maybe their part is different, where they need to be a little bit more active. So, if I keep saying that you shouldn't be like this, you shouldn't be like, you should be like this, how will they play their part? I had been sustained by Baba, Mamma, all the Dadis, and I learned by seeing them, how they decide, how they are so neutral. There were many situations that happened, we would take to them, and they would take quite a long time to say anything or decide anything. They did not want to create by deciding something, any karmic account. They decided, but it was so neutral, even if they are the heads of the organization, they can do anything, they can say anything. We all are very careful, they don't want to create karmic accounts in deciding about anyone. So, they did it in a very polite, gentle, and very beautiful way. Somehow when you are following Baba, Karankaravanhar comes into the picture. He gets it done.

We have to keep always aware of our karmic accounts, because in the end, I always feel that the intellect can be pulled if there are any karmic accounts, then I won't get my pass with honor. Brahma Baba said that even in the end, he didn't have the thought of who would take care of the Yagya. He gave his hand in Dadi Prakashmani’s hand, and Prakashmani Dadi took care of Yagya. So, whether it is thoughts in the mind or thoughts in the intellect, you become a good example and let Karankaravanhar Baba do a lot of things, because you are following Him. He will make it right. Baba will make it happen, and He does right. We see the magic, and we sing His praise.

Om Shanti

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