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Karankaravarhar - Let Go and Become Free #27

Karankaravanhar_27 Mohini_Didi July 27, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is okay? Happy? Whenever we listen to something, we know, we understand, but still it makes us think. Like today, Baba is saying, “Don't waste a moment, because in that moment you can either waste or accumulate.” It's quite a deep point that in one moment I can earn multi million times, and in that moment I can also lose. I realized that even if there is Baba's remembrance, I need to have some power, one of the powers, or one of the virtues with me. Like sometimes I know I have Baba’s remembrance, but I also need patience, or I need trust, because very subtly, there are certain fears, even if you are not aware. Baba's remembrance is there, but I need either faith or courage, and when I emerge it, I find that my mind is calm, clear, and light. So, that means every moment we have to emerge if we want that kind of stage where I'm internally very free from anxieties. Someone was saying, “I can't sleep because I have a lot of anxiety.” I said to just start practicing something, either soul consciousness or being an angel. As much you disconnect yourself from the body, then the body goes into rest. Take a few long breaths and then start. I am a soul. I am peaceful. I am with Baba. It's very subtle, certain sanskars always influence us because of what happened last time. What happened yesterday still has an influence.

These days I always say that everyone is a good effort maker in their own way, and everyone is doing Baba's task. I just have to support everyone, give them love, good wishes, anything they need, so that everyone will feel supported. I do not look at what is lacking in them. Every instrument is Baba's instrument for the Yagya. They are doing it, and so, my support and cooperation will help in Baba's task. I am not helping a soul, I am helping Baba’s task. So, why should I look at any sanskar or any weakness? My interest is in the Yagya, and whatever they're doing, they're doing it for the Yagya. I am noticing that most of Baba's children are not interested in many things that they used to be, because everyone thinks, “Let me have my good stage, let me be Baba's good instrument, let me create my fortune.” That is what Baba meant that at the Confluence Age, have the value of each second, each thought.

Now for alertness; I thought that you know when there is sickness or anything, intellect if it's connected with Baba or with the body. It's very interesting that when Brahma Baba left the body, knowing that he is becoming avyakt, his intellect was with Baba, not even with Yagya, or with the body. It’s Baba’s task, it will continue. There was not even a single thought about what would happen when he was not there. We all are instruments, and when we see that so much is created, we want it to be sustained properly also. So, we should not have yoga of intellect with body, or even the task, just with One Baba. With that alertness of the intellect, not being anywhere else, you can see the next step, and you are very clear, like Brahma Baba. It was not his daughter Nirmalshanta Dadi who took over the Yagya. She could have said that I am the one who should be now taking care of Yagya, but she didn't. She immediately accepted Dadi Prakashmani. When Didi Manmohini returned, she came to know. Dadi Prakashmani was younger than both of them, but they accepted her because Baba said in the message on the 21st that she is the one who will do it. Nirmalshanta Dadi, Didi Manmohini, and other Dadis gave a lot of respect to Dadi Prakashmani, but Dadi Prakashmani was very humble and respectful. You must have noticed that Dadi Gulzar, whenever Dadi Janki came into her cottage or anywhere, would get up. Dadi said, “No, you sit, you sit.” She had so much respect for Dadi, I couldn't believe it, and she was Baba's chariot. I think that good instruments always remember that whatever we do, others will follow.

I still remember so many things of the Dadis, and that helps us now also to see how to give respect to everyone. One of the lessons of Didi Manmohini, was that you have seniors, you have equals, and you have juniors. Of course, love all three, we have to have love, but always give love and respect to elders, to equals, and to the younger ones, because they need more respect. Whatever we give them, they learn to give us and also others. In my life I have never used the word ‘no’. Baba sometimes says ‘tu’ or ‘tum’, never. I always say ‘aap karo’, that's the highest Hindi word that anyone can say. We always remember that my actions have to be a good example. We don't teach through words. How much does one take? Use the qualities, use what our Brahma Baba, our Dadis were, that's how they taught us. At every step, care for people, respect for everyone, and give, fulfill the needs of everyone.

So this alertness is where your intellect is connected with Baba. You are very clear how to go on, on your journey, and share our responsibilities with others. So we should think more about our own lives. Each one of you now think about this alertness that Brahma Baba had, and how I have to use every thought in bestowing. It was merciful bestowing. Today I had to go somewhere and I was telling those people. I said, “You are not only nice but you are kind.” They keep asking me, “Are you cold? Are you comfortable?” I said, “You are very kind.” In the end, they were saying, “But you were so nice too. You were so kind to us too, because you didn't give us any problems.” Whatever we share, immediately comes back, and then we take toli and blessings, so everyone is so happy. They keep saying, “These people always bring something nice for us.” So, our homework is to ‘let go’ of anything we are holding internally because we don't want to be deceived or defeated. We want to be victorious, happy, blessed souls, and bless others also.

Om Shanti


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