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Karankaravarhar -Give Away Your Worries, Take Spiritual Intoxication #24

Karankaravanhar_24 Mohini_Didi. July 24, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone looks very well, very happy. Baba is giving the definition of ‘Tapaswi’ as one who is honest and faithful, and one important honesty is to follow Shrimat. Baba said that when Baba gives you birth, He gives you a divine intellect, and He fills this divine intellect with Shrimat. One important Shrimat is to be in soul consciousness. Look at everyone as a soul and our attitude towards everyone is in soul consciousness. Ultimately what Baba wants, or what should be happening to us, is that we should not be doing actions whether it is thinking or speaking, based on compulsion, like from the influence of sanskars. Many times we feel that there is some kind of force that comes in, and it's the sanskars who make us do things. We take time, a few moments, and in that silence, I create my eternal stage. In just one second, the soul is loveful, pure, peaceful, and creating that energy helps me to immediately bring up the thoughts, “What would Baba want me to do now? What would Baba want me to say now?” It’s very interesting, because from this eternal nature, whatever we are doing is original or divine, because Shrimat is where we have to be conqueror of Maya and embodiment of all divine virtues. I think that we do it, but we really need to pay attention and see, “Am I following Shrimat?” In external, yes, for our food, for our timetable, for our listening to Murli, doing service we follow Shrimat. However, in a common way, an ordinary way, the whole day, am I following Shrimat? A few times a day or maybe once or twice, it's more ‘manmat’ and ‘parmat’ because sometimes your mind says, ‘do this’ and we just do it. We forget that this is not Shrimat. The same could be with speaking. We say very ordinary words. Baba says that your words should be words of blessings for each other, that’s the Shrimat. Never do any action that is creating more bondage, whether it is for support, or for strength, it’s from the souls, but ‘One strength one support’ is Baba’s Shrimat. So, the whole day, just look at, am I following Shrimat accurately all the time? One is that remembrance of Baba becomes first. Oh, I have to remember Baba because that's the main Shrimat or I have to be in soul consciousness to interact with others. So, following Shrimat is actually something very important.

Looking at today's points of Brahmachary-Brahmachran, look at how Baba remembered Baba but remembrance while doing His task. These days, service could be lectures, giving classes, in your office, computer, meetings, but we didn't have all that. For us, it was Yagya seva and I always enjoyed it. I find that being in remembrance while doing actions gives a very joyful feeling, you're feeling happy, you're doing something, and we're not doing it forcefully. Also, we have this experience of how Baba makes it happen, because even if you are doing, when you get the right thought at the right time, it's like Baba is touching you. Baba is touching us. So, try to understand and if possible, be a karma yogi, a responsible person, but feeling as if Baba is making me do. Baba is responsible, and He makes me the instrument. It's very important when I listen, I immediately cannot say ‘yes’ for everything, because I start to feel, “Oh, I need to think about it more.” I've been thinking a lot about Shrimat, following maryadas, amritvela, writing a chart, my words have been sweet, gentle, less words, everything Baba had been saying it's part of Shrimat.

Now for tomorrow we have to see, do we get a little bit concerned, a little bit worried? When you are concerned I find that you are consumed, like you are not a detached observer. If I am not a detached observer, I cannot give light and might. Brahma Baba saw all the children, different characters, but he created his relationship as strength and support, in the sense of giving light and might. Baba never started talking about what happened today, this one didn't do right, we never talked about all that. Whatever he had to say in Murli, he would say it, but not during the day. During the day, whatever everyone is doing, they need light and might. I've seen this myself. One time we were supposed to do something, we were given the task so we were doing it, but whenever we went into Baba's room, he was sitting on this round pillow in deep silence. How many of you like to only sit and do yoga? How many of you like to be karma yogi? Most of you? When there is remembrance of Karenkaravanhar, then Baba says that you feel like you're playing and dancing. I have seen some of the souls, whatever they are doing, it is with so much joy, so much fun, not like something has to be done, like a task, no. It's not like a task. Baba said it's like a dance, dancing.

So, maybe tomorrow you can look into that and see how your feelings are? Do you feel that you are dancing? Dadi Janki used to like one of the examples of puppets. She always used to say, “I'm a parrot and I'm a puppet”, and she would say it in a very educated crowd. They were all leaders. She said, “What God says, I repeat it, I'm a parrot, then I'm a puppet because whatever God wants me to do, He pulls my string and I just dance.” I think it's a beautiful experience if we all can have it without feeling as if I am doing it. Maybe this can do some magic, where there is no burden, no concern. It's a very beautiful aspect. The example that is given is someone having a basket of things on the head, then intoxication is when you have a beautiful crown on the head. So, when there is concern, it is like a big basket, and when there is spiritual intoxication, it is like a crown. We have to be honest and follow Shrimat, we have to be karma yogi and keep dancing while doing what we have to do, and also have spiritual intoxication. No worries - no concerns.

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