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Karankaravarhar - Free from Burden of Responsibilities #3

Karankaravanhar_3 Mohini_Didi July 3, 2022

Om Shanti everyone!

Yes, when we listen to Baba's Murli, this is how Baba looks at us, or how He wants to see us, having all four authorities. I have heard Murli, read Murli, but still I have to really reflect to see how each authority, each power, is functioning in me, or if I really understand what they are. It looks very simple, right? The authority of ruling, authority of religion, authority of science, and the authority of elevated actions. So, these few days, whenever I have 10 minutes, I will take each authority, we will reflect together on that, and try to see how much of that authority I have. I just feel that I should look at Baba. We must have become like this in the last kalpa. So, that is why Baba is looking at us, and so we should have this trust that we will become that. When I have courage, then Baba will give power also. So, while listening this morning, I was thinking it's really a very powerful Murli. Baba needs children who are becoming masters, who have all these authorities. I am sure that we will make it. Even to understand that needs clarity, deep interest, and a good intellect. Baba is making it practical, and we will make it real also.

Now, we are looking at Baba as Karankaravanhar. All of us have certain responsibilities, and some of us have overall responsibility, not a little part. Overall in the sense that it could be yours, it could be a center, it could be home. It is overall responsibility, not certain areas, or you can do only up to a certain extent, but someone has to do it, it has to be completed. So, sometimes that could cause a burden, but how do we increase our capacities? Our abilities can be intellectual, mental, emotional, and also with actions through the body. Each one of us has to figure this out. I remember that first time in Delhi, that was the biggest center where I was the instrument. So, when you are responsible, you have to make sure anything happens at nighttime, anything happens in a relationship, anything happens to anyone, I have to be responsible for that, I have to resolve it, I have to look after that. I was very young, maybe 22 or 23 and also every time at the center I stayed, there were 12, 13, 16 of us together. That means that much food has to be cooked, and from there we grew. Today, even in Peace Village, there is a very big team of those who help, but it is different to have an overall responsibility. So, Baba's saying today that when you have to take care of the Yagya in a bigger way, you need all these authorities, and because I am connecting it with the task which I feel that yes I have been given the responsibility. I am nimit. So, increasing my capacities through the right awareness, and of course as Baba said, this needs a lot of dharna.

So, I was thinking about these four authorities, four powers, and if we can think about it, our capacities will increase. Then whatever responsibility we will take, not only will we fulfill it, but we will also remain very light. Even if I say ‘yes’, Baba is there, Karankaravanhar is there, but we still need those abilities. Like Dadi Prakashmani had this trust that Baba is there, Baba will help. Sometimes she would walk in Pandav Bhavan and suddenly she would smell something or she would see something. She would come back and say, “Can somebody go and check there? I feel something is not right.” You know that Dadi was a very good administrator. We had 40 departments at that time and Dadi knew, she got them set up, but it's not every day that she would walk around in all corners. So, everyone used to do but you know that everyone is not perfect. Any little thing can happen and that could cause damage, and become obstacles for the Yagya. So we made sure that every little thing was clean. We took the garbage out every night. You wouldn’t want to see cock roaches or other insects. If you want everything clean, then you have to be consistent.

So, we are doing things accurately, appropriately, even when sometimes it requires a little extra extra work, but in long terms, it's always better. One time we showed you how to keep your closet, about your own personal things, Baba's cloth, how everything should be kept in such a way. Now all of that is power, ruling power. We will connect the points of Murli “the authorities and powers” with our day-to-day duties. Why do something? Do I do it properly? Do I have interest? So, which power is lacking? If I have to be world ruler, I have to be master. If Baba makes me the instrument, it's like fulfilling Baba's hopes in me, fulfilling Dadis’ hope in me, or in general, all Baba's children, Brahmins. When I heard this morning’s Murli, I said it requires all authorities, all powers, whether it is in my personal life, or you have more than a million Baba's children all over the world. So, how do we do everything that is perfect, accurate, a good example? I choose the words that I speak, if repeated anywhere, will be a good example. When we think more about these authorities and powers, it will help us to bring some changes, some reforms, and we become more refined than what we are today. So, definitely it's a very interesting Murli and homework also, not to feel the burden, and sleep on the bed of happiness. The more we churn, the more we reflect and connect Murli with our homework. I think that will help us a lot.

Om Shanti


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