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Karankaravarhar - Easy Method of Remembrance #14

Karankaravanhar_14 Mohini_Didi July 14, 2022

Om Shanti!

Is everyone okay? Everyone well? How many of you have been connected with Avyakti Parivar? Let me see hands. Wow, almost everyone. That's good. It has its own history. It was Dadi Janki who left the body, and at the same time, COVID began. So, a lot of people were all alone at the centers, especially on some of the islands, no one was going to the center, and people couldn't go out. Some were getting very lonely, and so we offered bhog for 13 days. Then we thought about what Dadi Janki would do after meditation. She loved to sit and chat. Chat in the sense of, “How were your reflections for the day? What was in the Murli this morning? She would talk about it. So, in New York, where the center is, we thought,”Let's do that.” A few of us, about six or seven, were living together. So, after 7:30 meditation, we would sit and start chatting. Then, there were some requests, so we did a live stream and then we started taking some of the themes. It just began, and now it's almost two and a half years later. Every evening, we still have Avyakti Parivar. Even now they all are sitting with us and it's live streamed, then also on YouTube.

Our practice for tomorrow is while doing action, just remember Baba as Karankaravanhar. Why do we use this Karankaravanhar? So that the ego is not there, like, “I am the one doing this.” At least in my life, I cannot take any credit for anything that is going on. It seems like Baba's plan. It’s going on like Baba's plan, and then many say, “Why don't I do it in Hindi?” So, I do it in Hindi for five or ten minutes, but all over the world they understand English, so I have to speak in English. I definitely, in my heart, at every moment, feel that we are His instruments, and that He has to use us. As much as I am surrendered with that, then there is also humility and gratitude, and both are very good for life. As soon as the ego of something comes, that's when a lot of suffering begins. Ego is always hurt by something or other. Now we tell people to tell us what they want. Tell us what your suggestions are, and if you have any corrections. We are happy when people are openly telling us something, but if I am doing it and someone says something, it will definitely hurt. “Oh, they always criticize, they are like that, I am not wrong.” Now we say we are instruments. Yes, there are always limits for everything, but as much we do that, then everyone feels included and part of it. You will be surprised that there are more than 100 young and old people who are in the team of Avyakti Parivar, who make videos and do something or other. Hundreds of them, and we don't have any vacancies. A lot of people offer to do translation, they want to help. Internally, there is so much harmony. If one doesn't appear in time for translation, there are nine or ten languages, another one will immediately take over, and you wouldn’t know. We know that this is happening. That means there is a lot of harmony in everything. Many young people those days were not going to college or school or even jobs, and many were doing it from home. So we get a lot of people saying that if they didn't have Avyakti Parivar, whatever they're doing, it wouldn't have been possible for them.

Then there was a request from many BK families, “Our children are so bored, they don't know what to do.” So, we said, “Okay, we will start a children's class for ages 5 to 13. So, about 40-50 children began, and now you see some children are now growing. Some became 12-13, so we started a young adult class, also. Now there are two young adult classes and most of these children listen to Murli on Wednesday for half an hour. There are about 10 teachers to teach them, and new ones, old ones, they take them in break away groups and start lessons with them. If you ask the parents, they are so grateful that it has been so good for the children to hear something. So, when I really think of every action every day, I say Karankaravanhar Baba is making it happen. So, I'm sure each one of you does not look at what you cannot do. Think about what you can do, so that your enthusiasm, your initiative doesn't get lost. Otherwise, sometimes you could say, “Whatever I'm starting, it's not working.” I always say that it will work. If this doesn't work, it will be something else. Keep using your initiative, creativity, hope, and continue in life, because this is a journey, and this is Baba’s. We are Baba’s children. So, we share all of this, and also, our love, our light, happiness with the whole world.

Om Shanti

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