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Karankaravarhar - Always be a trustee #6

Karankaravanhar_6 Mohini_Didi July 6, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Yes, it’s lovely to see all of you. I had been reflecting still on those four authorities and how to become a carefree emperor, because that will be most needed. There will always be some situations and issues of concern, and that concern can consume our mind, we have wasteful thoughts, or we could feel worry. Baba wants us to be carefree kings, emperors. I was reading, and I could feel it, every authority, and first is the art of living. It's so interesting that if I am doing something or I have achieved something, only then can I have authority, not just because I know about it. I don't know how many of you noticed that every authority, like religion, is also an art of living. For all three authorities, and of course, elevated actions also become an art of living. So, when I have an art of living, that means that I’m living that style or that way, then it becomes authority. It was very clear in my mind that unless I am an expert in that, or I have power of that, I cannot be an authority. Whether it is the balance of love and law, or power and happiness, but it has to be tha there should be your command on it, that means an art of living. Maybe you should read it again today.

A few times today, I was able to remember that I am the soul and I'm feeding this body. Brahma Baba had the consciousness that ShivBaba was using his body. Of course ShivBaba won't eat, but there were some other actions. At that time, Baba used to tell us a lot, especially bathing. Baba says that you don't need to use the intellect. There are certain actions that require concentration, then some are very natural. So, when Baba used to bathe, they used to have tumblers, a big bucket and tumbler. So, Baba would pour water on the body with the thought, ”I am bathing the body of ShivBaba.” Like in temples, they pour water on a shivling. I also thought a few times, “Yeah, the soul is feeding the body, and I found that the feelings when food is going in, it's not just eating food, but it was completely different. Remembrance of Baba while eating is a different experience but this is, “I am the soul feeding this body because this body is the chariot and I have to feed it.” I found that there were different kinds of feelings about the food, about the way to eat. That was one of the experiments I did.

I was also thinking why are we only thinking of what Karankaravanhar will do, but instead, what Karankaravanhar wants me to do? I offer myself, prepare myself with open readiness, willingness to do what Baba tells me to do. What Karankaravanhar wants me to do, that means I become nimit there. What can I do so that Karankaravanhar can use me? It's very interesting, like today's concept of “trusteeship”. There are some qualities that are very incognito. One is the trusteeship. I always say that gaining the trust of Baba and Dadi bring's a lot of not only closeness, but they feel that yes He can do, He can take responsibility, and we will fulfill the task that we are given. That's so enjoyable in Brahmin life, to have trust or in other words, to become worthy of trust, trustworthy. It's a very beautiful feeling when you think inside. I was thinking that it’s like belonging to the Yagya. I remember the sweet joy I used to always experience, Baba’s trust in me. Not only trust as trustee, but trust that if I give this child this task, she will not only accomplish that, but she will do everything honestly. That sweet attainment, the feeling of being a trustee of God, and of course, if Baba trusts you, the Dadis will trust you, everyone will trust you. Their bhavna was like we knew Dadi Janki’s every thought. Every cent she got, everyone knew that she would use it for the Yagya, everyone knew. It's not that she was going to buy something for herself or have something expensive for herself because she got so much, no.

We know that wealth is a very physical, mundane thing, but it's very connected with honesty. My feeling always is that whatever comes to Baba, it’s from Baba’s children, and they have given to Baba, they have offered to Baba. So, how do I use it? That is where I create elevated actions, I use it in a worthwhile way. So, it had been given to Baba, but we are the instruments, so we use everything honestly, sensibly, and do unlimited tasks from that. Wealth is also a big thing, but what is very incognito is our own thoughts, and also time. All these are our resources, our treasures. So, I have to be a trustee for that and not waste anything. These qualities are very subtle and the record of these qualities is with Baba. Others can notice, others will know, but still Baba knows how this child uses every thought, every moment, every cent, for Baba’s service, and for Baba’s Yagya sustenance. It does require accuracy, and sometimes that could be sacrificed too, but when that is there, Baba gives you multi million times more.

So, it’s very interesting every day to think about my relationship with Karankaravanhar and Karankaravanhar’s relationship with me. It's not only my relationship, but how Baba can use me. We do a lot of service, but for some we know, “Oh, it must be Baba.” So, look at your qualities as a trustee. Am I totally just a trustee? Then Karankaravanhar’s trust is on you. Baba makes us instruments for serving in an unlimited way, with unlimited capacity. So, reflect, practice, experiment with a lot of new thoughts. Different details of the same concept or aspect emerge very clearly in the intellect, and one has elevated experiences because you are doing it right.

Om Shanti

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