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Karankaravarhar - Alokikta #13

Karankaravanhar_13 Mohini_Didi July 13, 2022

Om Shanti!

Is everyone ok? Everyone is well? Yes, it’s Baba's grace on us, Baba’s blessings on us that keeps us always well, and we are so happy these days especially. There can be so many kinds of thoughts like, ‘What is happening in the world?’ Baba said that there are so many things we should hear but not hear, see but not see. All those thoughts come in the mind, and that is why we have this practice, reminding myself, and creating smriti. So, we keep our mind and intellect very engaged, very busy, so that we don't have any wasteful thoughts, or unnecessary use of intellect. Some people like to hear stories about everyone. I had a principle since I came to Baba, that if someone needs help I will listen, but not listen because I'm interested in listening. Many will say: “Do you know about this?” I say, “Well, I don't know, but I also don't need to know.” Some also feel internally that they need to know everything. You feed your mind with so many things and then we ask the mind, “Why are you thinking?” Some things do come from sanskars and the mind has to think, but mostly we feed our mind by listening, by seeing. Baba said that this is unnecessary. So, keeping the mind and intellect busy is not only a practice, but it’s a blessing. In today's world, people are suffering so much, and most of the suffering is from their own thoughts. Someone said something to you and you feel insulted, and then you think at least 100 times. So who made oneself suffer? I am causing sorrow for myself, and that is why Baba always keeps saying, “Children, give happiness and take happiness, not give sorrow nor take sorrow”.

As I was mentioning yesterday, if I notice that this soul gets very quickly sensitive, or gets upset about something, and looking at that soul I get upset, and say you get upset all the time, but I am also upset. I am upset or disturbed because you are disturbed. So, if you are peaceful, if you are loveful and very sweet, you say it's always good to be happy, don't mention even a word that you don't want anyone to feel. First you become that example in front of that soul, and then through your words, you give a donation or responce of that virtue. So, I want someone, Baba’s child, Baba’s instrument, to be that alokik and spiritual. I have to be an example, and then whether through good wishes or even if I have to say it in words, I am donating virtues. Baba used to say in Murli that sometimes because of purity, there is conflict. So, even if the other person is saying something, you shower flowers, in the sense of speaking in such a beautiful way that the other soul is touched. There is a saying that “in words there is a whole world”. If you say something that is not appropriate, it hurts someone, and then there is sorrow, but also karmic accounts. If I cause sorrow, that soul will be suffering internally. So, I have to be very sweet, gentle and alokik.

So, our practice for tomorrow is that in my drishti, in my words, in my interactions with others, I have to be alokik. Will you all try that tomorrow? Anything that we do consistently becomes a habit. There is a saying, “There are two ways that we do action; habit or awareness.” Generally 85% of our life is by habit. Many times I tell myself, “Don't do it and see the benefit, then you immediately change your habit.” Habits are not difficult to change, and we shouldn't try with habits, we should try with awareness. When you do it with awareness or smriti, the change that will come from smriti is your vrutti, your attitude. So, it's not only words or drishti, it’s a deep attitude. After vrutti, your drishti will change, and then your kriti or your action will also change. We want to change action, and that takes time, but if you change smriti, awareness, then automatically vrutti, drishti, kriti and shrushti, your world, will change.

Baba had been recently talking about the “Personality of Purity” and “Royalty of Purity”. I was asking everyone yesterday, “Do you think you have changed? How many of you feel you are changing?” How many of you think others are also changing? Someone said that this one never changes. I said that maybe this is the way you still look at it, but I find everyone changes, some a lot, good percentage, and some slowly. It's very good that lokik sanskars change into spiritual, because from alokik, next will be divine sanskars, divya sanskars. It's a big sacrifice to be doing this, to change the actions and lifestyle, then why not do it completely? That means our thoughts, our words, and our drishti make everything alokik. So, this Rakhi everyone keeps the thought, “purity means to be alokik”. Baba says that royal people don't look at ordinary things. Even if you show them something, they know that's not me. This is the same as our royalty of purity. One time, Baba said that my intellect and mind shouldn't touch anything negative. That means, if somebody has it and I notice it, at that time, like this morning's Murli, I become a detached observer, sakshi. I'm not going to see it, because once you see something, that again goes in you. They say images and voices play a big part in our life. You hear something or you see something. Seeing and hearing, these two are very important, and they become part of you. Once you see it, it stays with you. Baba used to always tell us that the mother of the sin is the cinema or reading, but all are scenes of dramas, it’s Drama. I have to be a detached observer.

So, all of us will keep the aim, and we will continue paying attention to our stage of purity, because purity is a power. From purity there is peace. There can't be peace when there are vices. Happiness comes from purity, and even nature provides you everything because of purity. Our every pure thought, word, and action is not only good for me, but brings benefit to the world. There's so much negativity and impurity, but what do we have to do? Just have pure thoughts, pure words, pure actions, and use the power of purity to serve the world. There will be peace, there will be love, there will be happiness and prosperity also. When we come to Baba, our lifestyle is very simple. What do we need? How much do we need? We always feel we have enough. So, this sampanta, this prosperity of the heart, is what purity brings.

Om Shanti


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