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Karankaravarhar-Aim with Equal Qualification #23

Karankaravanhar_23 Mohini_Didi July 23, 2022

Om Shanti!

Always be happy, never get disheartened. The image that comes to mind is the image of Hanuman. He went to offer his help to Lord Rama to find Sita, who was kidnapped by devil Ravan. So, when he had to go to Sri Lanka to find her, because that’s where Ravan had kept her, Lord Rama held a monkey army to cross the ocean. It’s impossible to make a bridge in the ocean, but he was able to do it. In between, there were many devil souls who tried to stop him, but he was not scared. He had faith in God, “When God is with me, victory is with me.” The story of Pandav Kauravs is the story of devils and deities. He was always smiling. He didn’t even fly, but he flew with the mountain. When he had to go find certain herbs, devils would create the illusion. He was told that the herbs will be lit and would have light, which is the real herb of life, but these devils would play in such a way that all the bushes had lights, so he did not know which one. Lakshman fainted. Lakshya actually means aim and mann is mind. Sometimes it does happen that there is so much influence on our mind that our aim faints, it’s not that powerful or not that strong. So, with these stories, like Baba is saying, you don’t try to make a tunnel through the mountain, you just fly over. So, you might think, what is this flying? When you’re listening to a situation or problem somewhere or other, it starts possessing you. It has gone in the mind, in the intellect, so we start thinking about that. That is where there is the possibility of getting disheartened, and losing happiness of the heart.

So, with Brahma Baba, just think of some of the scenes he had to face, picketing, all society against him, but not for a single moment did he feel that it is too big to deal with. Amazing stories we hear, even someone came to kill him, but they saw him in this image of light. So, that’s what we have to do, follow Brahma Baba. When we follow Baba, everything becomes very small cotton wool. I have seen that if we are not taken by the situation or circumstances, then it’s not really big, because you will know what to do, and Drama will help you. Baba is there, karankaravanhar. Always remember this is Baba‘s children's family and it is Baba's task. Don’t take out the word Baba, even if we say ‘our family’, but actually Baba's family is my family. Somewhere keep including the word Baba so that we can always remain happy and never get disheartened about anything.

Baba had been talking a lot about the ‘personality of purity’, and He also said today the ‘royalty of truth’. Truth is truth, you don’t need to repeat it, but when you lie a little bit, it is a little bit mixed, then you reply every time a little differently. I don’t have many experiences, but once it happened that it was assumed that I said something. So, Dadi wanted to investigate, and after 2-3 hours she called me and said, “Whatever you said was right.” So, I said, “Yeah that’s what it is, truth is truth.” She said, “You should have told me, I wouldn’t have tried all that I tried.” I said, “I said it, and I remember that when there is truth, you maintain your royalty, you do not need to prove the truth.” As Baba says, sunlight doesn’t have to prove that it bestows light to everyone. So, I think for the month of August. we will look into more of the personality of purity, and royalty of truth. Truth and purity have a lot of connection because like Dadi Prakashmani said, “In my life, I have never spoken a lie in public.” This was because of her purity and truth.

So, it is very beautiful what BapDada is telling us, especially in this Murli, that you are very civilized. When there is truth, that means you have tolerance, you have patience, and you don’t argue, you are not stubborn. It’s very interesting, and then further, our practice for tomorrow is that our aim and attributes are the same. When there are elections, how many promises they make. We will get your taxes cut. We will have everything cheaper. We will have this facility. Maybe that’s their aim, but how many are able to accomplish that? So, aim is there and they propagate that a lot, but what is happening is completely different. So, for us actually, the aim has to become my characteristics, my activity, my nature, my interactions with others. The aim is to be a personality of purity, or like Baba.

So, it’s very beautiful and tomorrow we will look into that, read the brahmacharya point again, listen to Baba’s versions and then churn, reflect, and practice. See tomorrow how clear your aim and attributes are. I am God’s child, and God’s child has to be full, nothing is lacking in our treasure store, because we are the masters. So, tomorrow you will practice it, create that experience, and see the difference. Be that royal personality, because God‘s children are gods and goddesses, deities. I always say that my last name is God. I have to be godly. From lokik you carry the last name, but now I am God’s child, so I carry God ‘s last name, we are gods and goddesses. That is another thing, when they say Sada Shiv. Shiv means always benevolent, always pure. We are Baba’s children, and we have to be like Baba always. That is another big challenge, and we have to bring it into practical. So, there are a few things we can think about always like Baba, attributes like Baba, our aim, and what Baba said, that you have royalty of purity, personality of purity, and royalty of truth. I like this word very much. So, that will be our homework or practice for tomorrow, to remain in that personality.

Om Shanti

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