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Karankaravanhar - The Angelic Life -English #30

Karankaravanhar_30 Mohini_Didi July 30, 2022

Om Shanti!

Everyone is okay? Okay means happy, content, joyful. Avyakti Parivar should be aware that we have family from Toronto here. I thought you all have come from so far, with so much love, all our senior Yagya brothers and sisters are all here. So, it’s accurate and I am happy about it also. First, we heard about brahmacharya, how Brahma Baba was a very pleasant and pleased person. Sometimes you sit with someone and whatever they share doesn't make you feel happy. Brahma Baba was pleasant in the sense of making things positive and sharing. When I have to speak, I think a lot and I say, “What should I say to bring happiness and power to the soul?” Any good word towards anyone increases enthusiasm. I have three things that work a lot. First is the power of purity, having pure thoughts that could be elevated, and the second is the power of yoga. There are so many things I hear and I am not there in Madhuban. So, I just say, “Okay Baba it’s your Yagya, you will take care, so I am remembering Baba that’s all, Baba is Almighty, it’s His Yagya, let Him take care.” If we get involved, we create a lot of karmic accounts. Dadi Janki said that to think and talk about any soul also creates karmic accounts. So, the only solution is to remember Baba, invoke Baba as Almighty. Third is the power of silence. All three powers are subtly working, you don’t see them working. We know what karma yoga is, we get things done, but behind the scenes, or the source of success, is these three powers.

Purity is very incognito, but it has power. Yoga is also not visible, but one just surrenders the intellect to Baba. So, what happens is at the right time, your intellect will be touched on what to do, and you will learn more. Brahma Baba used a lot of the power of silence. All three powers combined can help souls. So, I thought if someone’s two words can encourage you and empower you, what should we do towards each other? Say, “You are doing so well, your yoga is so good’, instead of telling anyone, “Your yoga is not good, or you are not doing something.” So, I really liked two words, giving happiness and power. Power is also important. That could be the best encouragement or blessing we can give to everyone. Honesty and trust are two big things. It’s very interesting that honesty is not external, but it is very deep. Let’s say you are given a task. Dadi Gulzar used to teach young teachers that it is very easy to start something, but very few finish it. When you start, there are obstacles, many situations come. Those who are able to complete it are good teachers, and if we have this quality, there will be trust. If you are given something and your mind is somewhere, you do a little and you leave, people won’t trust you. I remember when we got Peace Village with Dadi Prakashmani. I told her that this is quite a huge project. At that time, I used to travel seven months of the year, all of America, Latin America, Caribbean, every country I used to go to, and that was a requirement of anRC. I said, “How will I do it in one month?” She gave me power and sweet drishti and it must be trusted that any task you take you get it done. So, that’s why we said ‘yes’ to this place. She gave me the keys and I said ‘okay’. I always said to Dadi, “If you trust me, I am sure I will be able to do it.”

Trust is a big power, and to get that trust there has to be honesty, deeply within, towards Baba’s task. Everyone has love for Baba, everyone wants to honestly do it. For the one who really wants to do it, the path will be open. That is where you keep gaining the trust, and you pass with honors also. Some people complain that, “You don’t trust, or they don’t trust me.” I said, “Why are we looking for souls, we can trust, so why won't we trust?” True honesty is when I have faith in Baba, and Dadi Janki used to like it if we just say, “Yes, Dadi.” Then I used to say, “Dadi is saying it.” You know that Dadi used to travel and suddenly she would want to come back early, or leave that country early. She would call the person who buys the tickets for her, and even if he said it was impossible, I knew that Dadi is saying it, so it will happen every time. He said that it never happened that it did not work out. She trusted him, and he trusted her directions. So, there is honesty and trust within yourself, and with those who assign you some task. At least in my life I have done lots of things, and not because I knew a lot of things. I am not very friendly with technology or machines. Whatever I got I gave away, from the very beginning. Then this IT thing began, and I don’t understand what these brothers ask, can you? I don’t understand like you do. She said, “You will be able to understand and I had never touched a computer, but I said, “Okay, I can try.” So, trust will help us. Trust yourself, that's the biggest thing. You trust yourself because others trust you, and you believe that others will trust you.

So, increasing our capacity is not difficult, I am telling you. Things work in such a way as if Karankaravanhaar Baba is making it happen. I am just an instrument. So, just be honest, “Baba, I am your instrument, use me in whatever way.” You are given the task and you do it, you are committed. Sometimes it’s not very comfortable to come every evening and start talking, but I know that Baba will make it happen, and it happens very nicely. So, trust and honesty, work on that, use all these subtle powers and see how they work. Don’t question them, but see how they work. Magically, you know when I was in Toronto, there were so many souls saying so many beautiful things. I couldn’t believe it myself, I said, “Really, it must be Baba.” So, God’s trust we have to gain. This has a lot of power, but ultimately it is our life, God can trust us for His yagya. Once I asked Dadi Prakashmani, “You sent us abroad, how do you know we are doing everything, following everything?” She said, “I know, that’s why I sent you.” We make sure everything is done according to Yagya’s principle. When we came, we said that everything will be like Madhuban. Baba taught me this when I was 16 years old, he took me everywhere. I used to joke about why he is after me. Then when I came here, I said, “That’s why he taught me.” So, think about that tomorrow morning at Amritvela.

Om Shanti

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