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Karankaravanhar : Instrument #1

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

Karankaravanhar_1 Mohini_Didi July 1st, 2022

Om Shanti everyone.

Everyone is very keen to understand how to be an instrument, like karankaravanhar Baba. Baba’s task gets done through each one of us. I have two ways to understand. One is looking at Brahma Baba or Dadis, and other is my own internal reflections and understanding from Baba’s murlis. I generally start looking at Brahma Baba, how he was chosen to be an instrument. So many very difficult challenges came, but he was smiling. It’s not that his smile was external, but showing to everyone he was ok. In his room, wherever he was, whoever was with Baba saw that stage, detached but very stable. Then, of course, the power of yoga. Then every step he took, there was unlimited service.

One of the points which we have been talking about is to experiment with the power of yoga. Yoga is thoughts with Baba. I’m with Baba. Baba is my companion, Baba is with me. That’s yoga, right? Now let’s say there are two types of difficulties. One internal and one external. Whenever there is a challenging situation, just be with Baba. Don’t let your intellect try to analyze the situation. Why did it happen, should it have happened, it uses a lot of intellect. What we should do is first connect with Baba, have yoga, and then as much as necessary, use the intellect. Not only will obstacles be removed, but something very beautiful can emerge. Many times Baba says there will be storms, but they bring some gifts for you. I feel that the power of yoga, to experiment with yoga, is very important. Don’t just let intellect work. Baba has chosen me and Baba has given me the aim. Baba is showing me the path. Baba will take me to the destination. Have all these thoughts in your intellect. It is very important to go beyond “I and mine”. Little bit of “I” is a bondage.

Some might say they are very new, it takes time, and with time it will happen. Even if you are just beginning, just have this very firm thought, Baba has chosen me. Baba is giving me these specialities. Baba is using me. So many tasks Baba will get done. Baba does, which is invisible. He does it himself, he can inspire other souls to do it, they become cooperative. Silently not knowing how it happens, everything happens, while living in the iron age and with the awareness of the confluence age. Even just to live the life of purity, values and virtues, it’s not impossible in the iron age. We live so naturally pure, love-full, peaceful, with an honest heart, truth within us. Who is making that happen, Baba. Even the life which you are living whether at work, or in family, or in society, it’s completely unique. I compare lokik people and what they think all the time and what they talk about. For us now that’s of no value, no worth. Sometimes they look at us and wonder how it is possible. And I look at their life, I say how do they manage without knowledge?

It's very interesting the power of I am nimit, I am instrument, and to keep Baba’s company. Without Baba’s company, then I’m alone. I think this will increase our yoga also. Nimit bhav with Baba, my power of yoga will increase. Then when the power of yoga increases, the obstacles can be removed. Baba says that in the fire of yoga, you can burn your sins. How do you burn sins? That sin or bad action will create an obstacle, but our power of yoga will clear it. You will find that your path is free of obstacles. I think it needs deeper understanding. Not only that, but we should try to have that stage. Starting from today, I just think all the time, I am an instrument, Baba is making me do it, Baba is my companion, Baba is with me. It will become very natural after some time to be with Baba, which is very important not only for myself, but also for world service. It’s good to contemplate that as we are just starting. I’m sure there are a lot of good points from murlis that we will be able to churn, revise, practice, and become the embodiment.

Om Shanti.


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