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Jewels of contentment #3

Give_Blessings_Receive_Blessings_3 Mohini_Didi November 3, 2023

Om Shanti!

Baba said to remain happy forever. At least we can do that. Today Baba giving us the title of jewel of contentment, the fullness of life, feeling fortunate all the time. Whether becoming or doing, we remain in our self respect and self respect of the eternal self and original self. When we have that self respect then what we take inside in the form of sanskars, there will be contentment. When there’s a lack of self respect, then we feel we are sensitive and sometimes unnecessarily accumulate feelings. “I am not respected, my ideas are not accepted, I should be heard more.” You should just say it and then whatever way people accept, they accept. If they don’t, I don’t have to suffer for that. Anything which is not a pleasant experience in life becomes part of sanskars and then what’s visible on the face is lack of contentment.

I like when Baba says your face should show very clearly that fullness, completeness. We can definitely do that. What Baba is saying about the jewel of contentment is that it’s in the forehead. The place of jewels of contentment is bright, shining and sparkling. Baba says another thing which we can check: let your head and heart always be rested. There’s nothing going in the head, it’s not circling, right? Your heart is not pumping fast. Let your head and heart always be rested. Your state of being is of happiness and comfort.

Become such jewels of contentment and this contentment brings you blessings. If somebody asks you if you are okay, do you want this, do you have this? “No, I am full, I am okay.” The other person says, “I know you are always happy, you always have contentment.” Now that becomes a blessing. If I have complaints, then I hear people say, “Oh, she always has complaints.” It’s not only about the face, but it could be through thoughts or our words. Contentment brings blessings from the Father and everyone. A contented soul will always experience himself to be flying in the viman of blessings. At the conference age each one of us got our viman now, that viman is of blessings. As much we receive blessings, viman is available. Just have the thought and viman is there for you. Soul will not ask Father for blessings, but blessings will automatically come to him. Sometimes there are certain tasks where there are obstacles or our assessment is not clear and we feel it stuck somewhere, so we ask for blessings from Baba. We invoke blessings from Baba, but what Baba is saying is that you won’t need to ask for blessings, you will automatically get blessings. Whatever Baba speaks then whatever is our present stage, it emerges in front of us very clearly. How much time, how many times blessings come automatically and how many times do I ask for blessings? This indicates the quality of contentment. We will look at that stage and be a jewel of contentment, sparkling. When there is contentment, there is value. Keep the aim to be complete and have contentment.

Om Shanti


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