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In Your Self-Respect, The Same As the Father #12

Elevated_Self_Respect_12 Mohini_Didi June 12,2023

Om Shanti!

One word which Baba uses is the word stability and stability in self-respect. How much do we stay in self-respect and stable? Whether it is the opinions of others or how they look at me, but how does Baba look at me? Baba's drishti, Baba’s words create self-respect and we have to stay stable in that self-respect. Baba said in the Murli to have self-trust.

How much faith do I have in Baba, in the self, drama and also the family? What fluctuates is faith. We say we have 100% faith in Baba and then there are wasteful thoughts, concerns and worries. Is it possible to have both? Whatever is happening or whatever obstacles are there, it is only through remembrance that they will be removed. Instead of having thoughts of obstacles, why not remember Baba? Remembrance can help my own inner self and also remove the obstacles. This is a practice of being seated and remembering Baba. Baba says if you have faith, then why should there be fluctuation in victory? Internally we know we will be victorious but still the mind and intellect fluctuate. We have such a big, unlimited family, not only 100+ countries but also if you go to India, millions. Millions can look at you, see different things and say different things. If you are stable in your self-respect, you experience so much love, so much respect from everyone. It is in everyone’s heart actually. Then there is no question of defeat. It is a constant victory. As Baba says, if you are in self-respect then you give respect to everyone.

Also have faith that drama is accurate. If you say why this, remove that scene, it can’t work. That means every scene, every act of everyone is perfect. It had to happen. If I have done whatever, I go to Baba, ask Baba for forgiveness. Why to hold guilt? I sometimes wonder why there is fluctuation in our stability. Then Baba says look at faith in all four. It is only when there is a situation, a test, or we have to do something more, there can be a lot of wasteful thoughts. I always say to myself, what will happen from wasteful thoughts? Just have remembrance of Baba. You will get power, success and there will be victory. It’s not a question of listening then believing. The seat where you are seated if it keeps shaking, how will you feel? It has to be stable. When it is stable, you are comfortable. You are carefree. Otherwise there is always this thought, I could fall, I could fall.

We will do it as homework tomorrow, to be stable. There are such subtle influences that the mind is not stable and clear. When you are seated, see how you feel. When you are stable, see how you feel. Then internally we will do it more and more. Baba is saying that there is the throne of the future and you have the present throne. Stability of the confluence age is very important. As much you do it here that much you can be in the golden age also, there cannot be more. It’s not that in the golden age I will have a more stable throne if my throne is not stable here. There may be fear someone might take it or something else. I always feel if Baba has given us our fortune, we should be stable on the throne. Our homework for tomorrow, be stable so that others can have feelings from you as if you are like Baba. Baba has been saying many times, everyone should feel belonging. Everyone should feel they are receiving something. Time is such that each one of us should be like Baba.

Om Shanti!

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