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In Order To Accumulate All Treasures, Be Tolerant #15

Increase_Account_of_Accumulation_15 Mohini_Didi March 15, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

It is lovely to see each one of you. Everyone looks very well, content, angelic, and double light. Everyone is accumulating a lot of powers. Today, Baba talked a lot about love. I liked yesterday when Baba said when you are merged in love, Maya cannot see you. Baba is saying that when you are merged in love, there is no laboring, everything becomes easy, and the essence of all knowledge is love. When you understand who our Father and Mother are and who BapDada is, there is love for Baba. There is the understanding that all are souls, all are Baba’s children, and naturally there is love for all the souls as a world family. It is really interesting if you could practice this and keep the awareness, then there will be love for everyone. Baba is saying that if you really want to save your time, your thoughts, your intellect, and increase the power of the intellect, have tolerance. Sometimes we are not able to digest what has been heard and what people say. We cannot merge. An elevated soul will keep to the essence of knowledge and yoga and not go into details of why, what, when, who said, what was said, a lot of details. They will always try first to be essenceful and then even when it comes to problems they see them in a very essenceful way. When there are problems, and there are details or obstacles, they still keep the essence of everything. So, in this way, Baba is saying, when you go into a lot of details, it’s like you are taking a long route. It's a good quality, but sometimes it’s not necessary to go into details of who said what, and when. Baba is saying that when you have a long route, it takes a longer time, and when it takes longer time, you are using a lot of powers. You are not safe, with time, money, or energy. So people try to always take the short route, a short cut, instead of going in details and the long route. It's a really deep practice, how to be essenceful.

Some people will have a lot of clarity and they stay to the point. All of us, once in a while, start going into details and we forget the essence of knowledge and yoga. So, Baba is saying that one who has the essence or the details, both will pass the route. They will continue, but the one who takes the short shortcut is able to save a lot of time,money and energy. So, never get disappointed or disheartened, but if you take a long route, then you are tired and frustrated, lose hope, disheartened. If we take a long route then you are disheartened because we have been using all the powers instead of saving powers. We cannot remain joyful and cheerful. It is so beautiful if you can tolerate, but what happens is we are not able to tolerate, we are not able to merge. Recently someone drew my attention to something, and I spoke a little bit longer and it was not necessary to go into that much detail. I realized and I drew the attention to stay to the point, because if you say something, there will be a response and again it continues. So, these are certain very subtle habits in which either you save powers or you use powers. If I save powers internally, I will feel happy. It’s like you go, you have to buy something for $1000 and you spend only $300. You become very happy. Inner joy comes only when you are able to save, and every saving begins with your thoughts, then words, and then time, energy, and actions.

So, create a habit of summarizing everything first in your own mind. If you have five things to say, put items together. Say the first thing first, all that internal process is very important. So that I can save some powers. Don’t use them, don’t misuse them, and all that happens, Baba says, because of the power of tolerance. Subtly, somewhere if I feel I didn't get the proper response or didn’t get what I wanted, I keep thinking about who said what, and why it is like this. For me, I won’t even try to find out, because at the right time, you come to know everything anyway. So, how many of you think you have tolerance? I think day by day, as Baba says, when there is the essence of knowledge and yoga, you don’t want other things. Somewhere knowledge will disappear. Somewhere yoga will disappear. So, I like this point very much, what you keep and what you don’t keep. What you keep is the essence of knowledge and yoga, and what you don’t keep are details of situations, the matter, the conversations. It is like if you eat something and your digestive system can't take it. You will throw it back. It is the same as when you hear something, see something, and your system can't take it. So you throw it back, you vomit it, and that’s like repeating. Repetition in thoughts, repetition in words, takes a lot of time, not only for me, but for other souls.

So, to be essenceful. Once Baba said that those who are essenceful are sensible. Recently, I have been thinking that when there is trust, you see how Baba takes care of everything. Once you belong to Baba, you know Baba is there. Baba takes care of everything. Not just takes care, but properly takes care. So, my trust grows. I have trust and I see how everything works out, then I have more trust and more love for Baba. I realize how much there is a connection between love and trust. I have love, so Baba takes care, and my trust keeps increasing. If we really do anything practical, pay attention, then you find that there is a lot of change in your thoughts, words, and actions. You have to delete a lot of things, so what is left is just the essence. Otherwise, there are a lot of details. So, for today, tolerance. You will really know that it is very simple to tolerate. Then you have to be very careful, because when you don’t repeat anything, you don’t think too much. So, tolerance will help us to keep in the essence and not take the long route. There are problems, there are obstacles, but shortcuts save a lot of power.

Om Shanti

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