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Imbibe Tolerance Put Full Stop To Waste And Keep Guard #2

Determined_Thought_2 Mohini Didi February 2nd, 2023

Om Shanti!

Happy Satguruvaar to everyone. Baba gives us very loving signals. First, he appreciates what we have been doing, and I think everyone up to whatever extent they could do, has made good efforts for the month of January. There is a lot of enthusiasm now for this month, to reveal Baba through our stage of perfection. Of course we can give Baba’s introduction through words, but the way you do it from your stage is through thoughts, words, and actions, to be a good example. People look at us and they want to know who is teaching them, what are their teachings, they want to know more and more. So, how will we do it? We have to look into that, but when there is a pure thought then many opportunities will come where we will be able to reveal Baba. Today’s point of self-respect is that I have to be detached and lovely. Since listening to Baba's Avyakt Murli, that has really remained with me. If you are detached from the waves of sorrow, you will be loved by Baba. I can relate to this because Brahma Baba, once in a while, like you're a little tired, you want to go to bed early. I remember one day I just went in the room, it was nine o'clock and Baba called for me. So, this mother was carrying a jug and was going for water. It was a little bigger and Baba thought, "Where am I, why am I not helping?" So, when I came, Baba said, “Are you okay? I said, “I am okay.” Generally, in those days whatever time you go in the room, it's not like you just go anytime. Baba felt that there must be something, either energy is heavy or something, and I still remember that Baba always thought that we should be a good example for everything. Baba said “Okay, if you do it then others will look at it, they will also do it.” Baba thought maybe it's lack of happiness sometimes, or lack of enthusiasm, and that's why you could just kind of go in a corner and put yourself in the room. I said, “No Baba, I am fine. After class, I was free, so I thought let me go.” Baba wanted all of us to be very enthusiastic, very cheerful, very much available, and participate in everything. That means everything is going on well inside, but if you just say, “Okay, I am going in my room, today I want to be alone, today I don't want to”, it was not like that in yagya. Everyone was perfect, accurate, because we have to also see our karmas. We are taking sustenance from God, so we have to be a good example and reveal Baba.

So, this point of being detached from the waves of sorrow is very important. We have to practice now so we don't allow any kind of sorrow to influence us, and always remain happy, enthusiastic. Any minute, any opportunity for service can come and then Baba said those are the ones who are loved by Baba. Baba said Parmatam dulare. So, if we are detached, it’s the swaman or self-respect. What is this self-respect? I have to be detached and lovely. So, detachment is not just from here, but detached from any kind of influence of this physical world and sorrow. I like the three points Baba gave us on the first. How can you have a determined thought? So, Baba said there are three things; knowing yourself, transformation of the self, and self-respect. So, I had been thinking about this, because a determined thought can't be forced, or you cannot just be very hard on yourself or stubborn. It has to come very naturally. So, I had been reflecting on all three aspects, one is knowing yourself, what is my part, what is my responsibility? So, understanding one's own role and the part will naturally bring determination in you. You don't have to force it, then the thought is for transformation. I have to change. When anything happens, just have the realization that maybe there is some benefit in that, and that benefit could be that you have to go a little higher. Like yesterday’s Avyakt Murli, the whole thing was not to get into little things, small things. Of course, one of the main determinations all the time is also for today to put full stop. Yes, tolerance is important, but then from tolerance, also create determination for what transformation you need to bring in yourself. At least I always see some benefit, which is very important.

Yesterday, we were talking about the truth, sat - God is truth. So, being in the true identity as a soul, we are living the life of truth. In the world today, falsehood is so natural, making excuses, changing facts, whatever way. We are very simple, honest, and truthful. Then they say God is Chit (Sat Chit) really here, it is a total awakened stage. That is why we say for Shiva, Sadaa jaagti jyot, One who is ever ignited. Our degrees of light go up to 16 degrees and then gradually in the Golden Age when we come, they start reducing. It's only one soul, the Supreme Soul Shiv Baba who is above the cycle of birth and death. So, He is consistent, He is SadaShiv, fully awakened, or they call it whole awareness, full awareness. Our awareness is increasing. Every day, Baba said Smriti, awareness.When there is total awareness, you become free from all attachments and if there is no attachment, there won't be sorrow. Somewhere deeply within, something, whether it's from the self, in relationships, our surroundings, somewhere, there is still subtle attachment in some way or other. When there is subtle attachment, there is sorrow. I remember one time there was a couple. This mother went to Didi Manmohini and said, “Didi, my husband doesn't talk nicely.”. Didi said, “You are feeling all this because of attachment.” She just worked on that, and after that, she didn't mind anything, plus he also stopped saying things. So, subtly we have to be very detached and then of course, we will be lovely. Detached doesn't mean that you will be more lovely. If you are lovely, that means you are detached. What is the proof of detachment? That you are loving because you let go of everything. Just have soul consciousness, love with everyone. So, very interesting homework for tomorrow; have tolerance and use full stop. Also be detached and lovely. So, I'm sure we will enjoy that homework tomorrow.

Om Shanti

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