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Imbibe The Power to Backup #2

Volcanic_Yoga_2 Mohini_Didi August 2, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everything okay? That's great! After listening to Baba’s Murli, there is a lot of thinking and reflection, and then we practice during the day. We don’t remember everything, but at least we should remember that I have to create the awareness of being master Almighty. After listening to Baba and revising our Murli from Sunday, Baba stressed the need to avoid waste. He said to check your spending and saving account in terms of your thinking. At this time, wasteful thinking accounts become bigger and larger. Now we are paying attention, and as soon as a wasteful thought comes, we make it elevated. It really starts inside with attitude, and then with intellect. These days, we should pay a lot of attention to our thoughts, and have a budget for our thoughts. Baba is also giving us Avyakti signals because our aim is to have volcanic remembrance. Baba had been using the words ‘volcanic yoga’ or ‘volcanic remembrance’. That is a remembrance that is like fire, that destroys any obstacles that come in the mind. The thoughts of some souls are creating opposition. Baba said to just maintain your position. I like it very much when He says that when you maintain your position, you don't worry about opposition, because there will always be some kind of opposition from some souls.

Baba is saying that in order to create volcanic remembrance, both your mind and intellect need to have powerful brakes. I hear so much about the new car-Tesla, and that the speed is very good. They always talk about speed being good, but what about brakes? Just imagine if a brake is not strong and speed is strong, what will happen? There will be a big crash. So, with the speed of efforts, we need to have a strong brake to avoid getting into conflict with human beings. Volcanic yoga creates good inner vibrations. So with humility you say what is right, and after that, you just use a brake on your wasteful thoughts. By doing this, the power and energy of the intellect is not wasted because the intellect has to observe every thought and tell the mind to stop it, or turn it, or whatever. Keep the intellect alert. When there is lack of control of the intellect over the mind, that's where tension comes and some kind of energy that is not very good, and not very peaceful. So what do we do when we are using brakes properly? We are able to turn, and we are saving a lot of energy. The more you accumulate power, the more the powers to discern and decide will increase. Your capacity within the intellect increases.

Once Brahma Baba gave us a project to go and find a place near the Embassy to open a center on the main road so that everyone can see it. I remember that we took that challenge, and we found a very nice place on the main road, a big building about 10-15 minutes away from the Embassy. So, I went to Baba to describe the building, it took me about 10 minutes, and then when I was finished I realised Baba understood in two minutes. From that time, I learned that you have to be very clear and short when you talk to Dadi or when you talk to Baba. You should be essenceful, otherwise we keep going on and on, one after another. So, becoming essence full and accurate is important. Baba said that he liked the building, and immediately knew this was the right place. So how is our listening also? We need the power to discern instantly while we are listening, because these days every minute, there is always something, you have to discern and decide quickly. So a lot of power is required. The powers to discern and decide will increase for this. Stop the expansion of thoughts, because thoughts can take you back 10 years ago, five years ago, to what happened before. We don't have to go into all these details, unless it’s necessary. So, this habit of mind to convince or to take support goes a lot into details. These days, to be angelic and to be Avyakt, we don't want to go into details. It is important to stop the expansion of thoughts, that is, to imbibe power to pack up.

I remember in Delhi once, Baba was there and a big crowd of about two thousand Baba's children from all over Delhi had come. After Murli Baba called me, and I summarised the Murli in five minutes. In those days, of course I was at a young age, and my intellect was good, but after that I started seeing that if I have to repeat this Murli, the whole Murli in five minutes, what points will I revise? After that, we all were ever ready. You never know when Baba might call me, today might be my turn. So it became a habit to think of Murli, the whole Murli that is read in 45 minutes, to revise in five minutes. Then, Baba said, “Oh child, you are very good at that.” So the same in our lives, whatever we're doing, how much detail sometimes we might avoid. If it's not clear, then you have to go in detail. It should be clear and essence full, meaningful, and all that capacity comes through accumulation of power. So now we have to say that we should not waste any energy. How much energy is needed for one? Just be very clear about that, something needs 10 minutes, something needs half an hour, but if we keep going on for an hour, one and a half hours, then you feel it's a waste. The power to pack-up is a very important power. I hope you have these Avyakti signals with you so that you can read it again. Read it a few times so that you can remember every word. Whenever you have a few minutes, read it and then practise. There are at least six steps we have to practise. So, if you read it again, you will remember and you will make the right steps. Definitely, the achievement also will be there, and you will be able to save a lot of energy, so your mind and intellect can be used for Baba’s task.

Om Shanti

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