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Images of support, images of upliftment for all souls #04

Liberation_in_Life_4 Mohini_Didi December 4, 2023

Om Shanti!

Thank you for sending all the good wishes, a lot of little and big recipes, and different medicines. I'm sure it's getting better.

When I read some of the very simple things or regular points, it really makes me think what Baba exactly wants me to be. Today's point was about being support and images of upliftment. If I am support and just support as an instrument, then I’m using the word in namesake. Sometimes you need the help of the hand, you just hold the hand and then you leave it. Same is like alloy in the souls that come to you, give any kind of support spiritually, mentally, physically, but don't let them depend on you. Also for your own self, remind yourself that I have to uplift souls. I really connect and feel that's very important, because sometimes you are dependent and you allow that soul to be dependent. I have to help, be of support, but not become dependent. The soul who is free from bondage will consider the body to be their support for namesake, and will never be dependent on it. That means whatever the body is going through shouldn't affect the mind. That means you are not dependent on the body. Those who are images of support just for namesake can become images of upliftment for all the souls. Ultimately, the aim is to become an image of upliftment, but while on the journey souls will need support which I should provide, but keep in mind that I have to help them for their upliftment. To the extent that you are beyond being dependent, accordingly, you will be an embodiment of success in service. Otherwise, we get stuck. Dependency won’t allow us to move forward. That means there is no success.

In order to become free from bondage, remember two words, detached observer and companion. With this, you will very quickly become the image of being free from bondage. If you go a little bit into depth and detail of watching your own self, watching the needs of others, it could become a habit. Now while walking some people constantly hold the hand of each other, it’s not dependency, nor upliftment. It’s just a habit, bondage. Something like feeding the body is very important and the body depends on the food. When Baba is saying don't let the soul depend on the body, that really makes me think. I'm trying to look into the practical example of my own life or looking at others. The deep connection of understanding dependency and looking into your life, there will definitely be a few things you will depend on, because there are certain things which are needed in life. Those needs have to be fulfilled.

Dadi Janki always used to go for a walk in the evening. She would take someone with her or someone would take her and that was very regular. There was one soul who was so interested to go for a walk with Dadi. Dadi used to like to take different people so she could have a good chat on the way. One day Dadi asked me why this one has to go with her every evening. I said you have to tell her, but Dadi said, if she is benefiting then it's OK. Sometimes when Dadi was around, there was so much energy. You felt so elevated, so ignited. I immediately felt it. It might be the same thing happening with us. People feel power, presence, company. All this is necessary to allow that to happen in a family, but be careful that you allow the dependency just for need. You have to still move forward.

Baba had been talking about revealing Baba through your personality. Brahma Baba, as you all know, was always very loveful, because what souls are looking for is God’s love. Of course, knowledge, peace and all the other virtues are important, but it is God’s love, because it has a lot of power, feelings of belonging. Everyone wanted to come close to Dadi Prakashmani because she was so loving, so light, so much pulled us towards that soul. These are examples of giving us support with the aim of uplifting. Anything you're doing together, what is the aim? Giving support for uplifting. That’s the slogan. I think I will remember that, it is very important. That's the homework we have to do, be a support, but also uplifting.

Om Shanti

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