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Ignorant Of The Knowledge of Desires #12

Become_an_Avyakt_Angel_12 Mohini_Didi April 12, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Should I welcome you or will you welcome me? Now we’re in the same spot, the same Avyakti room. This morning, one of the sisters called and said that two months look like two years, and I said that in India, they were saying two months feels like two weeks. In India, there are big crowds, a lot of activities, one meeting finishes, the other is ready to start. This whole summer they have yoga bhattis, conferences, so many things are happening. Whatever is happening, we have to become angels right? Baba wants us, at the Confluence Age, to become an avyakt angel. Sometimes, I see the contrast when I'm here. It's so quiet, there is enough time, but in Shantivan or in Madhuban there are always people waiting to talk. There are so many situations, but we have to be like Dadi Prakashmani, even though she was so busy, her qualities shine through. Today, Baba is talking about the quality of making people have a feeling of belonging. Baba is saying that you all are ancestor souls, and worship worthy souls. Be an ancestor and worship worthy in your awareness, your attitude, and your drishti. If you have these thoughts, then as soon as you see someone, you meet someone, you will immediately know that they belong to us, and they will also feel it. It's a true, beautiful, very lovely feeling. Before we used to say look at everyone as a soul, now it is not only that, look at everyone as if they belong to us. So every day, we put in a little effort to give others that feeling.

Baba has explained to us that the definition of angel is to be free from all desires in this Brahmin life. I was wondering, what kind of desires can there be? Name, fame, status recognition and acceptance, and there are some desires that are very subtle and there are some desires that are gross. A lot of students have a big building, so there might be many physical desires also. Also, if there is no desire that means there is no goal, and then you can lose enthusiasm. You could just feel there is nothing much to do or to receive. How do I balance that? For example, in Delhi they had a big meeting to decide what we will do this year? I was thinking too because of the COVID we had slowed down, but now again we appear in public and give them not only Baba’s message, but we should probably celebrate UN days also. So how do we connect, not only with contact souls, but also with the public? So, there were a lot of thoughts, but also tapasya together, maybe once in a week or once in a month. Just have a half a day or full day bhatti because of the power of silence. Not the silence of not speaking, but deep silence when there is power. When there is the power of silence, many things can be accomplished. Not only that, but it is with the power of silence that we become aware of very subtle sanskars. Those sanskars can create some obstacles, lack of trust in each other, or lack of initiative, creativity. So how do I keep myself very enthusiastic, creative, but then balance also with the power of silence, power of purity? It's the power that is required, not only silence, but the power of silence.

So,Baba is saying that Brahmin life is the karmateet stage, and Baba is giving a good simple definition of karmateet. You know that sometimes the mind has pull, the intellect has pull, or sometimes your mind says to go somewhere. So all these pulls are there, but one is to do elevated actions but not to have even the pull or the influence of that elevated action. It will take a few moments to understand what it means. We can understand no wasteful thoughts or any pull from past actions, past governments, because sometimes we do certain things, even out of mercy, and then later on we think it was not necessary or it was too much. Even if it is a good action, it's the bondage. So when it is karmateet, then you cannot have any bondage from the past actions or present sanskars. I think we come to know in a very subtle way that this is happening because of some karmic account. Your intellect doesn't agree, still you want to do it and you do it. All souls amongst us have karmic accounts.

I was in Delhi, not for long, just one and half days. So, when we finally arrived, a lot of Baba’s children came and they shared drishti. We shared some experiences and that happened. So there is a brother who, every time I go, he would say that Dadi Gulzar and Dadi Janki both came to his home, so you have to come. One sister said “No, they are tired, they need to rest.” So, later on I realized that this is going on for them to invite. So let's go. I thought that the sisters there don't go out much, so I said, “Ok, we all will go. Brothers will go, sisters will go.” So, we got into two vans and a car, it was like a farmhouse. I didn't know much about that brother but he has been in gyan, and he said he was surrendered for 15 years. So when we went, there was bhog in Baba’s room. He had little Baba’s room. So we offered bhog, but there were certain things I was noticing, deep within a lot of sanskars of bhakti. So, whether giving drishti or just having this bhavna of deities, they feel their own obstacles can be removed, and they feel everything is going to be okay. So, I think we need to check, am I doing anything which is less or excessive? Like, could I have done a little more, or am I doing a little extra? All that is because of the past karmas. There will be happiness, there will be contentment, all that will be there, and somewhere deeply within, still you will feel that I needed to do it differently. I have to reach the karmateet stage. I'm not doing actions because of any other action. It's very interesting. Sometimes we could know, sometimes we might not know. Many times I come to know, am I doing this with this soul because of some karmic account, or I'm doing it out of pure love. So, it's like everything we have to check to reach karmateet stage. I still like in the end, to just sit in tapasya and the soul leaves the body. No hospital, nothing. Just have very beautiful feelings like Brahma Baba. No worry, no pull of any kind. So, that kind of stage we all should have, because the angel has to be free. Not only free, but we need to have a stage, the stage of any virtue. You can be a detached observer. Many times what is needed is just to be detached, then look at everything, and then do it. So, to be an Avyakt angel, we have to be free from all desires.

Om Shanti

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