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Ignorant of the Knowledge of Desire #11

Liberation_in_Life_11                       Mohini_Didi                 December 11, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone is ok, well? We all had a quick trip to Tampa, FL. The place is very beautiful. I think you all saw yesterday. It's on the lake, has big big rooms, a lot of open space and the weather was beautiful. The family has grown and is a beautiful thing.bThere are young ones, a lot of couples, and older ones. So, it becomes a good family. They work together, they do things together, and have a lot of expertise. They cook very nice food, different people cook different things, and a lot of cooperation for each other. Every family, everywhere has its own speciality, right? So now let us think about what Baba has to say. The Avyakti signal for this month is jeevan mukti. Baba is saying that one of the tracks of Maya where everyone is caught up in the world, is of desires. I know there's some who ask questions about the desire to have good service, about the desire to do something for Baba. I think you have the power to discern: Is this desire from attachment, from greed, or any of the vices, or if there are pure feelings, good wishes. When we can discern, then we know up to what percentage we are free from desires. Desires always in the beginning are for all worldly material things. Very subtly, the desire is for facilities and comfort. Then we go to very subtle desires for acknowledgement, respect, name and fame. To be totally conquerors of desires also means that to think you will get it because you deserve it, is also a subtle desire. Keep increasing your capacity, and as much you keep increasing your inner strength, then there is contentment. 

Baba is saying that you are able to free others also. If anyone is desperate for something, there is sorrow. Our stage should be such that someone who comes crying should go laughing. At this time, most of us have the aim to give knowledge, teach Raj yoga, but to give experience is very important, and the first experience is from our personality. Did they feel peace, did they feel love, did they feel light which comes from your stage? So keep increasing your percentage of this stage which we know is the stage where it can bring transformation in others through our experience. Nowadays the whole world is trapped in the web of Maya, in the form of name, honor, respect and crying out in desperation. I didn't get this, I didn't get that. So whatever they have, they can’t enjoy even that. Actually we have everything. Baba has given us everything, but sometimes instead of being spiritual, we become very lokik and ordinary. So, that's why Baba is saying that in order to liberate others, liberate the world from this web, first of all, liberate yourself from this subtle web of desires. Let there not be any attack of Maya even in your thoughts or dreams of comparison, or copying of others. Just enjoy your fortune. Baba says,”Let nothing attract you, be free from very subtle temptations and be ignorant of the knowledge of the desires”. There are certain things that are our needs. As much as you spiritually empower yourself, your needs should be fulfilled, you don't have to make any extra effort. So our attachment, inner pull, and everything should now finish. That means to be free from the knowledge of desires.

Om Shanti 

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