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If Not Now, Then Never #27

Increase_Account_of_Accumularion_27 Mohini_Didi Mar 27th, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone !

I can see you all there, some have their video on, but there are some I can’t see, but I know many of you are there. It's good to see everyone every day. There are many didi's that keep saying, we hadn't seen you physically but we have been seeing you virtually so as soon as they meet that closeness is experienced immediately.

The fortune of confluence age is imperishable. The word imperishable stayed with me, what it means to be imperishable. You are receiving this fortune from the imperishable Father, because the Father is imperishable. Your fortune is imperishable, that means every kalpa. Every kalpa means eternally and eternal is imperishable. These two words, eternal and imperishable are always connected. Pay attention and see how to create the fortune knowing that it will become imperishable. Sometimes carelessness, laziness could come in between and we are not that attentive, but also what is the fortune of confluence age? All fortune has all the attainments, so that's another homework we do. What does it mean to have all attainments? Is it of mind, body, relationships, resources? Make the whole list of all the attainments to have an imperishable fortune. Do we sometimes feel we are not as fortunate as we should be? That means you are not aware that it is a very very important time. Baba said in the end this fortune is an elevated fortune. We create fortune in the golden, silver, copper and iron ages, but this one becomes an elevated fortune, from elevated actions and into an elevated saving account. The kind of attainments we have like purity, spiritual love, peace and joy are based on purity which never happens in any other age. In the golden age, yes there is purity and we have all attainments but it gradually declines, because the degrees of purity reduces. As the degrees of purity reduces, our fortune also reduces. It’s only at the confluence age that our fortune increases all the time.

Baba is saying today, for avyakti signal is whatever elevated action you want to do, do it now. Every action you have to perform, always remember now or never. It does happen that you're very enthusiastic, you commit yourself, your time or your resources, after a little while. It is always good to instantly do what you feel like doing, because enthusiasm can reduce. Mind can change, thoughts can become weak, so do it immediately. Whatever pure thought, committed thought you have, make it happen. That is why they say do it now or never. Always remember that we cannot waste thoughts, actions, or time. Thoughts, actions and the time are all very important. We have to give time for everything. For Baba’s task you have to be a karma yogi. We cannot waste thoughts. Every thought, every moment there has to be accumulation. One is not to waste, another is to accumulate. That means you are earning, not wasting, but immediately remember Baba, think of your eternal image. Think of your purity. You are earning income and from that income you will save. Don’t just think, I shouldn't waste, but how much did you earn. It is only when I earn then whatever I have to spend, I spend. Every moment, every thought has its own importance. Even sometimes we think we will do it later. You have this thought, but at this moment what you could have done is gone the next moment will definitely come. Baba is saying the importance of the moment which is gone will never come back. I'm repeating it because we need to think about it. When you know the importance of every moment then you try to accumulate it. You try to say that your account is full. You didn't lose anything, but if you lost time, you lost something. If you have thought, but you didn't do it, you lost the power of thought. The game of losing is so subtle. Whether it is a game of earning or losing we have to be careful.

Our fortune will be for 21 births. This is one small birth of brahmin life and in this small birth, I have to earn to an extent that my fortune becomes imperishable. Am I accumulating enough so that it can not only become imperishable, but it will last for 21 births? That means every birth in the golden age, silver age and even after copper age and iron age, the foundation of that fortune will continue. Just go deeper into imperishable and how do I constantly earn an income. If we remember Baba two hours or one hour per day, it's not your earning out of two hours, but how much were you really with Baba? That's your income, and out of that, then you will spend. Earning needs much more time, much more elevated thoughts, much more awareness. That's why Baba said don't waste, use every moment to earn. When you keep using it, you will still have savings. If you are not earning enough and you have to use it, there won't be savings. It's very subtle and needs attention and I'm sure if you pay attention you will catch where we are losing, so that I have enough to spend and enough to save. Whatever you have to do, do it now, not tomorrow.

Om Shanti

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