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I, The Soul, Am An Embodiment of Virtues #29

Love_for_Solitude_29 Mohini_Didi January 29, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

It feels so good to think that I have all the virtues! Yes,it does feel good, isn't it? What we have to do is to become full. Every one of us has love, peace, purity, and patience, all the qualities. So, it is interesting to know that it’s a tiny point of light with all the virtues, and then we start playing our part in the Golden Age after we descend from our home. We have all the divine virtues, very beautiful relationships with each other, and also relationships with matter. So now at the Confluence Age, what we have to do is accumulate or increase the percentage. If I find I'm not really 100% patient in all situations, I have to pay attention and increase my patience. Whether it is facing a situation or responding to a person. As much as I use patience, I will become the embodiment, it will become a sanskar. From the Copper Age and Iron Age, some body-conscious sanskars that we have acquired are not our sankars, they are not our innate sanskars. They are acquired. Whatever karmas we did, we went through different situations. So, we acquired some sanskars. Sometimes if we start operating, it does happen once in a while that our sanskars emerge. We have to be careful because when they emerge and you do actions, they become stronger. Somebody said, “Oh, I got angry, but it's alright now, the sanskar is finished.” The sanskars didn’t finish. Anger emerged because the sanskar is still there.

So, internally we have to pay attention, observe that now a sanskar is emerging. When we use certain words or speak to each other with love, with respect, sweetly and possibly divine, what are we becoming? We are becoming the embodiment of all virtues. We have to use them so those virtues then become sanskars. Our Dadis had so much tolerance, you would be surprised. When I came to Baba, there was so much deformation in the main city of Delhi. On every wall, it was written, ‘Save yourself from the fraud of Brahma Kumaris.’ They still used to walk around, and they never felt like they were being defamed. Here if one person says one thing, until I prove that that is wrong, we feel like our energy is not very peaceful. As all the karmic accounts get settled you don't react. Not only that, but Dadi Prakashmani used to say, that these are the times when we come to know if our own powers are working or not. How will you know that you have all the virtues, that you are able to use all the powers? Virtues are also the powers of the soul. What I noticed is that whenever you interact with someone you have to hae the awareness, “I'm talking to a soul now”. That means I have to create some soul conscious virtue or feelings. So then whatever is the response of that person, it will not attack me. Also, I will be able to reply in such spiritual way, that it can make the other soul also very calm.

Honestly, words are not like a beating, but through words but we get very hurt. So what is hurting? We always used to say “kaha laga.”, where did it hit you? Nowhere, but somewhere deep inside, there is a lack of self respect or tolerance. When you are hit, you feel hurt, but you allow that hurt to continue in you. So, immediately heal yourself, don't keep it for long and that is why Baba just says, “Just have good wishes for the soul, just have spiritual love,” Then at least I am healed inside and I'm sure that my healing will heal other person. So start feeling a lot of mercy, and start giving power to the soul, that that soul will also change, bringing transformation. Why will I sit with my sorrow? It's only when you are healed, that you start having all these thoughts for other souls. Baba said in the Murli “Those who defame you are your friends. So, we have to see what will be our last test. Today Baba is saying to pack up your thoughts so that you can understand the thoughts, the feelings, and communicate through the eyes, because we don't need to talk too much you know. Where I can manage with two words, I don't need to say 10, right? It takes a lot of power, a lot of energy away. These days even for giving knowledge Baba is saying, people don't want to hear too much. Give more through silence, in a subtle way, with feelings, through drishti. So both ways, whether in interaction or while giving knowledge, try inner powers, more silence. So we need to practise, as I said, for my personal life, relationships, and the third is service.

I'm talking now about virtues and the soul and I feel so silent inside. I don't have too many thoughts because I want to be in that experience when I talk, so that others can have the same experience. If I'm talking and talking, how will others they have experience? So I have to be in that stage, so Baba calling it as a course and if I'm in that stage then other one will also experience that. So no new course has to begin, according to Baba and that is use all the virtues. So that I become the embodiment of virtues, all the virtues. Someone say I have this quality but I don't have this one or this I have more, this is less. Now I have to be complete every quality 100%, every virtue so that's what we all have to do it now.

Om Shanti


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