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I, the soul, am a jewel of contentment #19

Love_for_Solitude_19 Mohini Didi January 19, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

I want to give flowers to everyone. We had been offering Bhog to Baba so often, and also a lot of flowers for Baba. Yesterday, we gave flowers to everyone. You can have one also. Take it. It’s for you. It's always good to have some flowers in front of Baba. Baba's message is what we have to do now. Baba’s blessings are there, but still we need the power of yoga to remain protected, whether physically, or even from vibrations. Nobody should for any reason become jealous of us or be in competition. If any wave of vibrations come, Baba said to be the purifier, purify them. They shouldn't be able to influence you. A lot of ups and downs in Brahmin life are from vibrations. That is why Baba keeps saying, “Only remember Me, be with Me.” I keep thinking that on one side Baba said to have love for everyone, you have to serve the world, but not to remember them. I remember one time Baba asked Dadi Janki, “Do you remember students?” She said, “No, how can I remember a student? He said, “If you don't think of them, they won't feel invoked.” So, I was a little bit puzzled that on one side I don't have to remember, but on the other side I have to think of them so that I can serve them. Baba wants us to be Masters. He doesn't want our mind and intellect to be divided or scattered. In the lokik world, when someone is about to leave their body, they say call everyone, every child should come, every grandchild, because he wants to see them all in the end. Brahma Baba’s Angelic stage was very important, and through remembrance of One Baba, it is giving us all the powers. If I am in 10 places, I cannot have all the powers. Everything will be divided, but that concentration, that oneness, authenticity, with honesty, be with One. Baba said that true concentration is Manmanabhav, that means remembrance of One, the mind with only One. With all attainments, recognition, and practice, we feel that we have more and more with One.

Baba says that you should have very good dharna of Manmanabhav. In the path of bhakti, you used to say, “I will eat with you, I will play with you, I will sit with you.” That means even if you are sitting with someone, you are in remembrance and you're helping others also. Our service now is to take everyone's mind to One. That’s true service, because I can't give power, Baba will give power. Every time somebody calls, I say that Baba will help, Baba will give, Baba is there, Baba will protect you. So, that is real service, to connect everyone's mind with Baba so that they can be in Manmanabhav. Service is also connecting with One. I have to be in Manmanabhav, and then Baba said that in that stage of Manmanabhav, you can serve, and that's service of the mind. So, I don't have to say,”Let me sit now and give sakaash to this soul.” No. Be in Manmanabhav and there will be a thought that this soul needs help, or this soul has given love and remembrance to Baba. So, that thought will be accomplished. Now I wonder that as our stage of Manmanabhav is increasing, our thoughts for anyone definitely will not only reach them, but also they get the result of what they want.

Baba wants our stage to be the stage of contentment, jewel of contentment, no complaints, no blame, no comparison, I am what I am. Baba is a very valuable jewel of contentment, so I am proud of what I am. Whenever you try to be someone else, there are a lot of problems. You know sometimes people try to be like this one or that one. You are unique, you are yourself, have that self-respect. Don't compare yourself with anyone. You are a jewel of contentment. So, it's very interesting to be free from all limited desires because I have all attainments. Many people say, “What do you want, what do you need?” What does Baba need? Okay let's see. So, Baba has fulfilled all our desires. So, the whole atmosphere is of ‘we have.’ Dadi Janki used to say, “How can God’s child say that I don't have. God’s child always should say I have.” So, Baba fills our bhandara, fills our aprons, fulfills all the needs of souls. So, it's very good practice for tomorrow, to start creating your power of yoga. So that in any situation you are protected. Of course we are under the canopy of blessings of Baba, but your own power of yoga also. That is the stage of Manmanabhav and concentration of Manmanabhav.

Om Shanti

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