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I, The Soul, Am a Conqueror of Matter #23

Love_for_Solitude_23 Mohini_Didi January 23, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

I hope everyone is happy, okay, and victorious. We have to keep reminding ourselves all the time that we have authority, so when we say to Baba, “Please come.”, He says, “I will be present.” There are two things; one is a test that has come and you have to pass. If I call Baba, then Baba will say that you have to pass the test. When it comes to settling a karmic account, we remember Baba, but Baba will say, “Child you will have to settle it.” So, we have to accumulate the power of yoga, we have to accumulate the power of silence. We have to accumulate the power of elevated actions. For that, we should not forget that Almighty Baba is with us. We have to become Master Almighty also. When Baba says to think of your rights, we don't fight for the right, but we can claim the right. Baba says that all fights are for the rights. Baba is saying that whenever you want to do something elevated, obstacles come, Maya will come. I was thinking about what different forms of Maya there are. Some are very much incognito, but a common one is of subtle desires. I want to be this, I want this, why is this not like that? When those desires are not fulfilled, then Maya comes, we go into so many games of blaming, and a lot of stuff starts happening inside. There is also very subtle attachment. I'm saying subtle because we have no attachment as Baba’s children, but some have this nature of doubting. Now Baba had been saying, “Children, you should have faith in Baba, faith in Drama, faith In yourself, faith in the family.” How do I make things work? Baba has given me this blessing, and have faith in that, but you just keep saying, “Oh, Baba has given me blessings, but those blessings don't work on me.” So you are doubting. There can also be very subtle arrogance, not ego in a big form, “Oh, I am always perfect. I am always so good. I am always correct.” You know that's one form of Maya, but also because of doubting and lack of trust, the whole day you will be playing that game where you're not trusting, you do not have faith. Maya keeps playing the games with you. These are different forms of Maya, and they internally make you weak. When Maya attacks, there are a lot of useless thoughts, waste thoughts. They start coming like a storm, and you don't know how to stop. Some don't know how to control.

So how attentive we should be with the power of silence, and discern what I am now saying or thinking is Maya. So if you do something, think something, that is influenced by Maya, how can you be victorious? For recognition of Maya, Baba says that what is required is the power of Silence. When there is deep silence, you are able to discern and decide. Especially whenever you want to do something elevated, even a thought to help in Baba’s yagya. If you do not do it immediately, then you say, “”I will do it some other time. I will do it little by little. How much can I do?” Then the intoxication keeps reducing. If a thought comes and we immediately do it, it could become the protection. Whenever you get a thought to do something elevated, it's very important, because some kind of settling of karmic accounts has to happen. Baba in advance is helping you to do something elevated, so that when karmic accounts appear, they don't affect you. Maybe sickness, maybe some laws had to happen. So before that happens, Baba will touch your intellect. I have seen it many times even with me, it's like Baba makes you do a lot of seva, a lot of yoga, a lot of helping the yagya in different ways. I find that after that, there was a big thing that had to happen and got cancelled. I have to remember that I have to be the conqueror, conqueror of Maya, conqueror of obstacles. Some days you might notice how very nicely you are with Baba, and no effort actually, it is Baba who is helping you. I immediately say, “Oh Baba it is so easy, and Baba's help is there. Why is he helping? There had to be maybe some Maya or obstacle, that you will be victorious. I also like it very much when Baba is saying conqueror of matter. So be very attentive, not fearsome, but attentive, if you are having any kind of negative thoughts. Be attentive because we are spreading negative vibrations, so somewhere you will have to settle that. That is why they say you should have gratitude, an attitude of gratitude. Very good, thank you, it is going to be okay. It will always be okay.

When you tell someone that it's going to be okay, success will be like a garland around your neck. So, if we keep saying that first in our thoughts, then in our words, and then you see how it works. I remember when Dadi said that it was going to be okay, there was magic. It seems like all the forces join when these kinds of words emerge from the pure souls which we all are. This whole thing of a doubtful nature is not good. Have trust, trust in Baba and self-trust is important. I am not sure if I will be able to do it, no. I am a victorious soul. Do this and power will come. I think for us these few days of January left, and especially for tomorrow, also keep remembering, I am a victorious soul. I have to be the conqueror of matter, elements. So when you have that awareness, Baba said that the Almighty's power will come. You will have that strength and you will be able to make it. You will definitely make it. So now these different kinds of Maya, whether it's doubt or lack of even doubt in success, doubt in what you're doing. If there is doubt, this becomes an obstacle, right? This is the soul, soul energy, soul power is very subtle. So I think we all need to be very attentive, take it as a mantra, I will be victorious. I am a victorious soul.

I was thinking in the path of bhakti, they keep repeating that mantra, and those who really believe it see the result. Someone shared that a very famous person said, “I start chanting with the rosary in my hand, Hare Rama, Hare Krishna” and after some time he used to smoke a lot and said, “I am not going to smoke, Lord will help me.” So generally people say I smoke 10, now I will do six. He said, “I just gave it up.” He said, “Now I trust chanting of the rosary, chanting of God.” So ours is not chanting, but in the thoughts, creating awareness. Chanting is through the mouth, awareness is of the mind, and that awareness for tomorrow is that I'm a victorious soul. I am a conqueror of the matter. I have a right over all the powers of Baba. I have to be free from obstacles. Constantly 8 or 10 thoughts about being victorious. We can revise it all the time and when you revise it, the smarti, or the power of that awareness will definitely make you a conqueror. So, we all will do this homework tomorrow. It could be very good, but sometimes the test will also come, and it's because then the experience of the whole day we try to apply to the test. Did it work or not? So you are moving forward. You don't think that “Oh today, I had this test and I didn't pass. Even if you didn't pass 100 percent, next time when you do it, it will be easier. It will be very natural. So let's be conquerors of matter.

Om Shanti

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