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I have to change first#9

Give_Blessings_Receive_Blessings_9 Mohini_Didi November 9, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is okay, well? We are in the midst of celebrating the festival of Diwali. You all must have seen the one in Pandav Bhavan, but every campus has so many lights, looks beautiful. These days everywhere there are actually less lights, but in Baba's homes, they all have a lot of lights. In India, they do many days also. Today is the day they buy new pots or any new utensils. So, everyday they have something or other. They call it Dhanteras. Dhanteras means they have to buy something of gold or silver.

Today, Baba is talking about relationships, when we look at each other’s nature, like if someone is very stubborn and always wants to do things his or her own way. Some think, “Why should I change?” That person never changes, and always does what she wants, or he wants. We shouldn’t get stuck about anything, but rather, we should say, “I will change.” That could inspire others. So, instead of thinking that one is not going to change, but some want to make it very obvious that things will not work out because the other one will not change. Rather, I am giving the proposal to let me change, I will change. So, there are two types of examples; one is I will let everything be stuck, and second is I will change and make everything run, everything working properly, not get stuck. I think it’s a beautiful example. So, Baba is saying that if someone is weak or influenced, then first of all, change your language and words towards that one. Language in the sense of talking about that person’s way of thinking, way of doing. So, it’s talking about others. Baba is saying to change your language, say that I will change, and then let it happen. First, I know that I have to change first. Just as you put yourself first in other things, in the same way, you should think that I will change.

So, Baba is saying to think about some of the incidents that happen. Its very subtle ego and stubbornness. Sometimes there is a possibility that what you think is right, but still I have to lead by saying that I will change. It’s important every time. So, Baba is saying that no matter what others are doing, you have to think about what you have to do. That’s something very important. What you have to think and what you have to do, put the self forward in this way. Only through this, elevated vibrations will spread, and you will receive everyone’s blessings. So, giving and receiving blessings is very subtle. Am I getting blessings or not? Am I giving blessings or not? It’s very important. So, if there is self-transformation, there are incognito blessings from everyone, even one who disagrees with you. Be very firm to change oneself, or not to change, but it’s so interesting that if you change, then you get a lot of blessings from others. We have to see where I can change and make a difference. Generally, we expect others to change, but we also see other possibilities. So, have the practice of self-transformation.

Om Shanti


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