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I, as karanhar am doing everything #28

Stay_in_Avyakt_Silence_28              Mohini_Didi               January 28, 2024

Om Shanti!

Usually we read Sunday morning Murli, then we revise a little portion of that Murli each day for the whole week. This way, we could remember the points Baba is mentioning. You all are Baba's very lucky children, and I see you all every day, so I don't need to ask if you are okay or not. You are okay and that's why you are here, right? I am always so happy to see each one of you. This question always comes up about how sanskars are created. Do we burn sanskars, do they remain merged and then they emerge, what happens? There is a word called ‘cultivating’. A lot of people use it, they would say I have to cultivate peace. That means you use a virtue. Like some people, they acquire a lot of patience. So every time you have been adding, cultivating patience it becomes your sanskar. Baba is saying that a virtue should become your sanskar. So you have to use it, and then it becomes your nature. I have seen even in lokik, one mother who had so much tolerance and it was not tolerance for her, it was very natural in all that she did. It is the same in our lives. Every time there are challenges in a relationship or circumstance, use a virtue like self trust, for example. You will be in trust and you will find in yourself that trust will grow, but if you don't use virtues, sanskars cannot be created. So to cultivate sanskars or make virtues as sanskar, one of the ways is to use it more and more, and it will become natural. 

Some people comment on how you are so loving, it's not that you are practising to be loving, but because you have been loving, your sanskars are becoming very loving, naturally. So it's simple but it has to be practised. If I don't do it, I will not be able to create sanskars. It's not possible. Virtues have to be used in every action, in every relationship. Some people are very joyful naturally, they don't have to make an effort to be joyful. Every personality is unique, but everyone has virtue, but Baba wants us to make them into sanskars. I think it's a very good subject to look at, because that's ultimately what our aim is; to create the Golden Age with divine virtues, changing from human beings into deities. It is not just what they wear, for example, their crown and ornaments, but it's the divine virtues. So we always say there are Godly virtues. Baba is the Ocean, I am the master. Baba is the Ocean, I am the image. There are Godly virtues, and then there are divine virtues. When we use Godly virtues in relationships, divine relationships are created. You become a deity. We cannot say that we become God. Even the deities called god Lakshmi, goddess Lakshmi, god Narayan but not with capital G, right? It's only One, One God but there are many who become like gods and goddesses, they are called deities. This is what originally I understood, that I have to keep using Godly virtues. So it's very good if we pay attention to make virtues our sanskars.


Baba was also saying to create an atmosphere. I remember that when I came into gyan I was alone, nobody around me was very keen. So, I said that it's all right, just allow me to go. Anyway, after quite a long time many educated mothers, they all want to learn knowledge, seeing not only determination, not only success, but everything. There were 11 of us who were surrendered teachers in the Yagya at that time. They all have become ancestor souls now. So we can do it, create such an environment that everyone would want to be part of it. “Just as scientists are able to grow grain in sand, in the same way, you have to transform the land with silence”. For this, become full of good wishes, follow father Brahma, with the power of silence transform the attitude. Attitude is very subtle, attitude and vision of souls. Baba says that just as anger is the power of ignorance, in the same way, peace and tolerance are the powers of knowledge. Now make these virtues your sanskars and what will happen? You will easily become double light angels. Sometimes I think about why we have to be angels, can’t we become deities directly? It is because we have to fly. We have to go above and see things. Baba gives an example that if you are in the flight and we look down after some time, there are houses but they look like little matchboxes. When you look from higher, everything looks small. If you see it from the same level, it's a big house. So that's why Baba keeps saying, fly, see from above what it is, it's not big, but when we are in our ordinary stage, then it's like big, it's too much. So immediately check your stage, and be in your flying stage like angels. 

Om Shanti


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