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I am God's Rajdulara Bachha (Royal Child) #14

Love_for_Solitude_14 Mohini_Didi January 14, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Baba is saying you are, we all are, ‘Raj Dulara’. Dulara means most beloved, very beloved, and Raj, Baba says, is a king or a prince. The heir soul, the prince soul, very beloved prince. So, we all are Baba's beloved children, Raj Dulara. Dulara also means very near. Baba mentioned the drill of one second of the mind, very interesting. Sometimes we say, “Oh, we don't have time.” We are looking for half an hour, one hour. Maybe in the morning and evening it is possible, but during the day, there is such a routine for those who are at work. The BK family, and in lokik situations, always have something to do, something comes up. So, even if we try to get a lot more time, I thought we should really practice and try the one second drill. I am an angel, I am with Braham Baba as an angel, and I go together with Brahma Baba to the incorporeal world, our home. In other words, from corporeal to angelic to incorporeal in one second. At least we can find a second, and if we find a minute, it is also good. You can find a few minutes similar to traffic control, or even when you find your intellect is not busy. The only way to be consistent, will be not to stop action, but have awareness while doing actions. While washing pots and dishes, what should be the awareness? It can be the same, like I am an angel now, my duty is to wash pots. So, maybe you will do it faster, or you won't feel that you are doing dishes. You will feel very pleasant. We have to practice.

So, what do we have to do tomorrow? Pay attention to awareness more, even for a second, create that awareness. Even the awareness, Baba I am your prince, most beloved child of yours. There will be such beautiful feelings. In Hindi, Raj Dulara sounds so beautiful, but in English, we say prince. First we become a prince, then we become Emperor. So, one second and I find that all that is I experienced, not necessarily when I am sitting for a long time. Of course, I find that at Amrit Vela, silence, then churning or listening to Murli. Even for 15 minutes, if you have really deep silence, you can go to the bottom of the ocean, like getting pearls from the shell, we get clarity. Baba says that as much as I am finding those pearls and valuables, it will be easy to be away from many things. I remember that yesterday somebody was sharing some news, and I got a beautiful answer. I found I didn't need it to think. So, as much as we have a habit of going deeper inside, you get answers, you get solutions. For me, the pearls would be, of course, the joy and happiness in there. Each one of us goes beyond whatever is happening, whatever happened. That is why the Trikaldarshi stage is very good. Whatever happened was good, whatever is happening is good, whatever is going to happen will be good. Practice this and it will make you very strong. There are a lot of things happening that might not be according to our wish, but they are happening. It's the Drama. Now we have to see that there is no impact of that. Let's say somebody's doing something that we know is not right, but we can't stop it. So, we have to make sure that there is no impact.

We are protectors of Baba's Yagya, and we want everything peaceful, honest, and in harmony with each other. These days, to have one opinion between even five people is not easy. Wherever there is harmony, everything is obstacle free, but when there are differences, let's say between a team of three or five, but you don't agree with each other internally, then everyone does what they want. So whom should I follow? Whom should I agree with? I don't agree with any, but I agreed to what is right, agreed to what we call our principles, our own constitution, there is Godly one or lokik one. So then internally I know what I did was right. Otherwise, I agree with this one, or I don't agree with this one. I have to follow Baba's Shrimat accurately. That day someone said, “We know that you are the person who always abides by principles.” I said, “Well, I listen to everyone, but what I have to do, I think should be right.” So, what I am saying is that when it comes to deciding something, I have to follow Shrimat. So, when I look at Brahma Baba, there was no one who was higher than Brahma Baba. Yes, there were many souls, Ramesh bhai was there, Dadi Prakashmani was there, Didi Manmohini was there, Momma was there. Baba would listen to everyone, but he wanted to do what Shiv Baba wanted to do. He must have such an intellect and everyone trusted that whatever Baba would say we will do, because that would be correct.

Brahma Baba was very cheerful but very deep. You could feel that he is lost in the ocean, he is at the bottom of the ocean. His face showed it, and if we were busy, Baba was also very busy. Of course, when he had three hundred children, he set up a timetable, because if he doesn't do anything, children will do that also. They knew Amritvela, then came for Murli, went for a walk, breakfast, wrote letters, met Baba's children, then went around the Yagya or whatever else had to be done at least until 2:45 or 3:00. Then he would rest. When he wakes up, he starts reflecting, and the evening is always considered to be very good, because we have finished most of our duties. So he had a routine, and he did karma yoga with a lot of attention, and in remembrance of Baba. I am just an instrument, I have to give sakash, I have to also sustain the children. So, whatever we're doing, if we have some kind of awareness, smriti, like Baba always says to think that I'm cooking for Baba. I'm cooking for Baba, even though we know we are cooking for this sister, or that sister, but this is Baba's Bhandara. This is Baba's family. I think awareness is what is important, and awareness is even for angelic stage. So, tomorrow we will take this practice, even for a second, what should be my awareness? I remember one time we used to do this a lot, before starting, take a minute, don't rush. What should be my awareness though of what I'm doing? I think that will definitely give us happiness, that I was able to do some tapasya. Otherwise, we will say we were busy. It was a normal routine, and I think it will remain normal. Awareness can be more, and you will feel very happy and have contentment.

Om Shanti


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