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I am an embodiment of the eight powers #20

Updated: Apr 1

Become_a_Carefree_Emperor_20          Mohini_Didi             March 20, 2024

Om Shanti! 

Every day Baba looks at us with different images, different powers, and also gives us blessings to be full of all those powers. So for today Baba is giving us the homework and the signal to be the image of eight powers. Actually, there are many many powers, but Baba is mentioning eight powers because every power is important. The powers in the hands of goddesses are shown as eight hands, eight arms holding many different kinds of weapons, ornaments. We have to be victorious over Maya, over matter. So, if we have to be victorious, then we need weapons. When you need to do a task you need hands, so that is why they show hands as one which cooperates in the task. Baba says that your stock should be full, all the powers should be there. Our Baba is Almighty, and each Baba's child should also be full of all the powers. The first very important power which helps us to concentrate is the ‘power to withdraw’, with a very beautiful image of a turtle. How a turtle does actions; it will open all the limbs, feet and mouth, and when the turtle has to wind up, it will fold all the organs within with a very strong shell, nobody can attack, nobody can do anything. So, it is the same as our sense organs, our physical organs. When you have all the powers then you become very strong and nobody can attack. So if you look at each power, the power to discern is so important. At every point in life you need to discern. So how to discern is also very important. For all these powers, you have to practise creating an awareness and then you become an image of those powers. 

Now, you children are emperors of the land without sorrow. You have the attainment of all powers, but if there is the influence of any bad company, or if you are influenced by any of the physical senses and lose your power, then the intoxication and the happiness you have attained will be lost. So, there is a lot of inner happiness, joy, contentment only when there are all the powers. If you lose any power, like you lose power to judge and your judgement is not right, then you will lose happiness. Power and happiness are very deeply connected. Therefore, never forget the awareness that I am an embodiment of eight powers, emperor of the land without sorrow. So, connect power and happiness, because happiness and peace also are the experiences of mind, and powers also are the abilities, capacities of the mind. So both are very much connected, because the soul has a mind and intellect and both are conscient, right? They function day and night. So we have to see how we inculcate, pay attention to imbibing all the powers and then claim victory. We don't lose happiness and we don't lose any power, so that we can stay the emperor of the land without sorrow and a carefree emperor. So constantly maintain the awareness that I am the embodiment of all powers.

Om Shanti 


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