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I am an easy yogi soul #20

Love_for_Solitude_20 Mohini Didi January 20, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Remind yourself, give yourself the title ‘I am an easy yogi soul’. Baba says that when there is love, everything is easy. Sometimes love gets lost, right? When love is lost, then everything becomes difficult. So constantly keep thinking, “My Baba.” Baba is the Ocean of Love. Even just now, Baba talked about love, children merge in the waves of love. Yes, of course, sometimes we feel that concentration to have a consistent stage is difficult, but it’s not. Concentration is like when you are lost in something, lost in love, lost In reading a book or watching something, you are completely lost. So, when you are lost you have full concentration. Baba has given us sometimes reflection, or churning the ocean of knowledge. I realize that during the day, it is important to think of some points from Baba’s Murli because we can not just say that I heard Murli in the morning. We need to revise some points, not only revise, it’s more like churning, giving something to the mind for the battery to be charged, for power to emerge. I realized today how important it is that every few hours we give something to the body like a cup of coffee, or we could have breakfast, we can have some fruit, so what about the soul? I remember when Dadi Janki said and Dadi Gulzar used to say at least 9 to 10 times a day you give something to your body, water, something to drink, something to eat. She gave the example that true worshiping of Shiva in the temples happens 11 times per day. So, we worship the body, to feed the body, to take care of the body. We can do the same for the soul. When I am eating, I have to also give something to the soul. You can do both together. It’s very simple. You get a glass of water or a bottle of water, take one second to remember Baba and then drink.

These days, they have been talking a lot about charging the water with positive energy, so it’s just the remembrance of Baba. Anytime you are feeding the body, just feed the soul also at the same time, either through remembrance, or by silence, or by churning of knowledge, so that by the night time, you will never feel that your battery is not working. You will feel that you are full of all attainments. My battery is fully charged, because this internal emptiness also is not good. Like when a battery is not fully charged, then something is working but not properly. When our battery is not charged, then our minds don’t work properly. It just goes here and there, and the type of thinking is not proper, not real, and that is why one of the practices Baba is telling us to do is to be in the soul consciousness or Baba is calling this Bodiless stage. Bodiless stage doesn’t need to be half an hour. During traffic control, you can be bodiless in a minute, you can really feel charged, and when you feel charged, you again start doing what you have to do. You will feel happy, you will feel everything is easy. We do everything through the intellect, but our heart should also speak. Like for me, my heart says it’s going to be okay, have trust. Everything is going to be okay. The sound will come from your heart. At the end, everything is okay, but to maintain that stage of easy yogi means you also have to be flexible. Our nature should be very flexible, where we can accommodate, adjust.

There are some people who generally have an easy life. They can sit on the floor, they can eat anything, they can be anywhere. Sometimes, everything is easy for them, but some can’t do this. They can not sit here, they cannot eat this. So all of us have to make our nature very easy. Everyone around will feel and say, “Oh this is a very easy natured person.” Baba sometimes says that something is very tight, and you cannot pull it off, so internally “Karankaravanhar'' Baba is there. Baba said on Thursday to have the power of Yoga. It is important to have good yoga. The soul will be protected from influence of vibrations. Very quickly, we could get influenced, not in the sense of negativity, but even otherwise. What we have to do is mansa seva.We create a powerful stage, so that others can also experience that power, even if Baba is giving, we can become the medium to share powers with others. Baba said to remind yourself, “I am an easy yogi.” We have been working on our concentration for the whole month. It’s very simple, even for a minute, just internally go sit next to Baba or make Baba sit next to you. Baba we are together, Baba we are combined, Baba you are my beloved. Just one word is enough to be with Baba. I think it’s very interesting to experiment that I am a easy yogi soul. So, tomorrow I am sure that you all will find many points to make yourself an easy yogi soul.

Om Shanti


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