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I am an Almighty Emperor of Purity #16

Love_for_Solitude_16 Mohini_Didi January 16, 2023

Om Shanti everyone.

It was twice in Brahma Baba's life that he physically surrendered. The first surrender was when he decided to form a trust, wind up his business and give everything to this trust of eight young sisters. That means Baba said from today you will be taking care of everything and never mentioned it again. Baba never mentioned that the yagya was being sustained by what he surrendered. There was really no consciousness of, “I did it”, rather, “it's Baba who made me surrender, it was Baba”.

The second time he surrendered was on January 18th, when Baba felt that he was ascending and would not be able to use his body. The day before he did everything he was supposed to do, replied to all the letters and wanted to have evening class earlier that day. After class Baba walked from the History Hall to his room. Baba had been a little bit quiet, that's what I heard. The sisters like Dadi Prakashmani and some others were wondering why Baba was so quiet. They followed Baba from History Hall to his room. Baba very quietly went and sat on the bed with his legs down. He was quiet, held Dadi Prakashmani’s hand, and as an angel, he just left. After that doctors came and all that, but so that was another surrender, physically giving the responsibility to children. First he gave in a physical way. He also did not have even a little thought about yagya. Dadi said he never mentioned they should take care of the yagya properly. When we leave home, how many times do we want to make sure the door is locked? How many thoughts come? His attention was on his stage, that he had to be with One. He had to be in remembrance of One. He didn’t mention anything physical. Dadi Prakashmani said at least a few things he could have told us, like where the well of water was. She said it was like Baba was leading them after becoming avyakt. Most of the people in the village thought when their Baba is gone they will all finish, in the sense what will these sisters do? The words of blessing were: with Baba's constant cooperation the numbers will keep increasing. That was the blessing and it really worked because during Brahma Baba's time there were a very limited number of souls. Afterwards suddenly there were VIPs and service. You all remember that Dadi wanted to have a program with a hundred thousand in Ahmedabad. I was also there. We were able to gather in three weeks time, not a hundred thousand, but there were 80,000. It was the blessing of Baba.

Each one of us is thinking of that blessing, and also looking at our lives. One, we surrendered in a lokik way, but Baba said the second surrender is of whatever you are. Let's say there is a big center. I am the one who will run the center, without me how can it manage? It shouldn't be like that, the time will come where you just delegate everything and you know it will be okay. This way others will also become responsible, they learn, but if they don't get to do it, how will they learn? Some have this whole thing of I will do, I can do, it's only me. The day of surrender is Brahma Baba's day. This will also help us with our homework. Brahma Baba handed everything to Dadi Prakashmani. As soon as we are ready the heir soul will also come and accept all that responsibility. I had been telling everyone that at the right time, the right people will emerge to take care of yagya and take care of responsibilities.

Now our homework for tomorrow. It's very interesting to understand what Baba wants and then to do it. Baba wants me to be a powerful emperor, then at the confluence age you have to connect it with self sovereignty. For that Baba is saying, concentration of intellect increases our power to discern. I think that power to discern is the biggest samarthi or capacity. Especially as a king, it should take one second. Some of these practices are to look at how many times and where my intellect is pulled. Even for 10 minutes just sit and watch, observe. Did it go somewhere? What kind of thoughts came? What internal little wasteful something came? Wasteful might not be negative but unnecessary. I don't have to think this way, I don't have to think that much. Maybe I can think less. I think that we all will practice this with concentration of intellect. I think I did mention but I am still thinking that ekant priya is to be with one and that is for mind, but concentration is of intellect. It's like today we had to remember Baba for eight hours. I don't know how many of you were able to do that, but attention was there the whole day. I have to remember Baba, I have to remember Baba.

We are all karma yogis which is what Baba was. Brahma Baba's last day routine was the same. It's not that he didn't do anything, he did everything. When he woke up he went for murli, wrote his letters, made his rounds around the kitchen which he did every day, had breakfast, lunch, and dinner, he did everything. It's not that he said, “Okay today is my last day, I'm not going to get involved in anything.” Whatever is my duty I will do everything and then. Becoming perfect or karmateet doesn't mean you won't do what your duties are. Brahma Baba is an example. We can at least say this is what Baba did and this is the right way. Otherwise, each one of us can think in a very different way. Today I won't do anything because I am going to be karmateet. We have to give also. Someone is cooking, someone is preparing, someone is putting in Baba’s bandara, and I am receiving. I also have to do it. I don't feel only I am taking, I'm also doing for yagya, through my thoughts, words, and actions, Baba set the example for us. I always find it so clear and easy as soon as I think of Brahma Baba. Some people say, “but we haven't seen him”, but you are hearing it. Let us do our homework, that I have to become a powerful king. That is with the power of purity. I like very much when Baba says the rays of purity are like sun rays. We will do that tomorrow. That's our homework.

Om Shanti

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