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I am a worthy to be worshiped soul #15

Liberation_ in_ Life 15                     Mohini_Didi                December 15, 2023 

Om Shanti! 

Baba wants us to be a conqueror of nature, a conqueror of matter. Baba doesn’t like when the faces of children are tired, that means they have labored, but if you always remember Baba, who making us do everything, it’s Baba’s task. As much as you keep Baba as your companion, you will not look tired, because you are a worship worthy soul. I think that even deities could get tired, so many devotees bringing complaints and telling them their problems, but Baba is listening, Baba is watching. I think the more we bring Baba into our consciousness, we will not look tired, because Baba will be revealed from your face. Sometimes it does happen that you have been doing service, karma yoga or other service all day, but you bring into your consciousness that Baba is helping me, Baba is my companion, actually that’s when there won’t be any heaviness. When there is heaviness of any kind then at the same time tiredness and heaviness could be offered, sometimes sanskars of others, sometimes your own sanskars. Look at yourself.  Baba is saying to always remember, “I am a worthy to be worshiped  soul”. A worshiped soul means one who is always pure, and doesn’t have any body consciousness vision. Do not blame others and make yourself careless, because of these, you won’t get co-operation, a lot of thoughts come, then you become careless. To be subservient to any bodily being even in your thoughts is a sign of attachment. This is a great sin, so while coming in a relationship of service, be free from this great sin. It’s a very subtle attachment or to be subservient so look at your face always fresh, divine. We will all take this determined thought to be a worship worthy soul. 

Om Shanti

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