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I am a Trikaldarshi Soul #13

Love_for_Solitude_13 Mohini_Didi January 13, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!!

Everyday Baba gives us a new throne. Today it was the throne of Trikaldarshi. With every thought, every breath we should say whatever happened was good, whatever is happening is very good and the future also is going to be very good. Believing in our power of thought means that even if the situation is a little challenging, keep this thought because thought has very powerful vibrations and energy. “It will happen, it’s going to be very good”, keep saying it. Never think whatever is in drama will happen, that is to remain carefree. After carefree this thought that it’s going to be okay is important. There is great power in the thoughts of each one of us. Not only for myself, but also for everyone in the family. That power and vibration will spread. Baba said that we will see. I feel that not only will it be good, but accomplished, successful, rewarding, whatever is necessary at that time. Think like this all the time, because Baba is saying that we all have to be free from wasteful thoughts, words and actions. “I am not sure what will happen. Nobody knows what is happening…". That's true but at least we know that whatever will happen will be good. Dadi Prakashmani used to say. “Be good and do good”. Also our thoughts create awareness, attitude and the vibrations have so much power. If someone says drama is fixed anyway but something is about to happen, your elevated thoughts will create something different. It is fixed but you don’t know what is fixed, so you have to fix it. That means I have a chance to fix it. Do not just surrender by saying whatever is going to happen in the drama will be good. That is internally so that we don’t worry about the future, but we have to create the future. How do I create a present and future that’s going to be very good? Those powerful vibrations definitely will make things better and better for us.

I am really feeling that's why Baba wants us to have concentration, spiritual power and to create an atmosphere. It’s not only for the self, but for others around us also, anyone who has lost hope, is a little bit tired or having extra thoughts. We can help by not only thinking of that person, but also practically because first there is thought then there will be words, action and atmosphere. I feel that this is a very important elevated throne that I am an elevated soul. As I am an elevated soul, my thoughts will also elevate others.

Baba said we also need to serve the VIPs. The president of India said, “I am a Brahma Kumari”. She went to Madhuban recently. She had come in the gathering of Indraprastha. Not only that, but she said. “Finally I have arrived, I wanted to be here for long time but couldn’t work it out”. I had the feeling she reads Murli every morning. I had a thought, I said to one of the senior brothers I have a feeling that the homework which we are doing should be given to her because the soul will get power. She has a lot of enthusiasm to do so many things but you know everything has opposition, it becomes political. A lot of things happen and if she does this homework done then her self-respect and her stability will increase. They sent homework to President House on the 12th, because I thought as we are doing it, she is a student too. With the packet of Murli we will give the homework also every time so that the soul’s power keeps increasing. Baba wants the quality of heir and mike together. Mike is when there is a status and heir is when you are claiming your inheritance from Baba. Let us see the drama. Also a lot of film actors are getting so tired of the negative atmosphere of pressures and tension and are often visiting the centers. They feel at home and that it is so peaceful there. The vibrations of Baba’s homes also are very powerful.

Let us practice this homework tomorrow, every moment, not every hour. It’s not just a question of past and present. Every moment becomes past, it’s gone. Drama is very good, so as every moment keeps becoming past, okay the next one will also be very good. Use this ‘Mahamantra’ and see that not only will your energy get uplifted, but also the things outside around you will also change. Let us experiment with that and keep elevated feelings all the time.

Om Shanti


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