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I am A Soul with Elevated Sanskars #22

Love_for_Solitude_22 Mohini_Didi January 22, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Keeping well? Spiritually well, physically well, right? Definitely, it is Baba’s blessings that we all keep well. There is so much turbulence in the world outside: political, economical, social, but we are not influenced by that. We always remember Baba’s blessing. Especially today, Baba is looking at us as the image of all different kinds of awareness. Our homework for tomorrow is the awareness that “I'm an elevated soul”. Many people ask, “What is elevated”? It’s higher, generally elevation means higher, higher could be beyond, higher could be great. So, this awareness that I am an elevated soul, we can add today's blessing which is “always remember that I am master Almighty”. There are two things: one is when a situation comes, we practice something or we use it, and the other is that we constantly do it, so there is enough power, enough practice, and it becomes a habit, natural at that time. As a student, you know that we study properly all the time, or we just say, “Now is the time of examination, so let me study.” We shouldn’t wait for a situation to arise and then I say, “Oh, I have to use it now.” While listening to Baba, having the awareness that I am master Almighty, Baba said that we don't use it all the time.

So let's say there is a situation, and we emerge that stage of being a master Almighty. So being in that awareness, you do your work, for the whole day we practice, “I am an elevated soul. I am master Almighty”. Then the power in our awareness will help us to face, to solve any situation in a very natural way. I don't have to specially make an effort at that time. Tomorrow we should be constantly practicing. It’s so nice that Baba has given us the homework, so at least for one full day tomorrow I will be thinking, “I am master Almighty, I am elevated, I am master Almighty, an elevated soul.” So with the thought, we are creating that awareness. As much as we create, then when there is thought, there is power in that. Let's say I am shaken by something, I'm affected by something, and I immediately say, “I am master Almighty”, it will work. See the difference between practicing awareness that has become power, and the other is that I know about it, but I haven’t practiced, so when I'm using it, it won't work. That's what Baba meant, that everyone has that blessing, everyone has that awareness, but not everyone uses it. So we have to use it.

Baba said that there are political, economic and all different kinds of turbulence, disturbance or situations, but I am at the Confluence Age, I'm not in Kaliyug. We are going to the Golden Age. There might be circumstances, but they will not influence me, my karmic accounts, my energy, everything is different than others. Baba has taught us, our lifestyle is such, or if not, we have to make it that way. Our simplicity, especially our food, what we eat during the day. Baba had said that Baba will definitely provide ‘dal-roti’ to children who are honest and obedient and on Baba’s service. In India it is known that these Brahma kumaris serve everyone, whichever is the ruling party, they serve everyone. The party changes, a new government comes into power, they are served. Once there was a Prime Minister who was served at rakhi time. Later he lost the election and after a few years when the program for Rakhi came, the sisters still called them and arranged a meeting. He said when I was in, on the chair with authority, you all came to see me, and now I am not, but still you all came to see me. In a way, this motivated the sisters that we should continue to go for service, inviting them at Baba's home for any kind of service, because presidents are only for four years, right? So whether there are any parties there, any position they have but we constantly serve them and invite them, whether it's the festival of Diwali or it’s Rakshabandhan. We also have to be careful not to talk about politics, as I heard some places cannot divide the family because of the agenda of different political parties. Especially the instruments and the centers because actually it is Kaliyug, and whatever promises anyone makes, it's not easy to fulfill.

So any kind of disturbance turbulence doesn't really affect our life, should not, but if we mentally take it and create this fear, what's going to happen then what is next, what's in the future? Baba said that we have to be careful not to allow those influences of changing situations in the world. Baba has given us one task, to give sakaash to everyone, give good wishes to everyone, because in the lokik world, there is a lot of influence. but not on us. You all have heard the story of Brahma Baba during the partition of the country. At that time, a lot was going on, physically, emotionally, but Baba told the children, if you are in soul consciousness with Baba, no one can look at you, not no one can touch you or do anything. It was true. For quite a long time, this situation continued about the division of the country, and when Baba’s children wanted to leave the country, the local government was able to help them. They gave them a ship, they gave them three months, a few months grains, everything so that when they go, they have something to eat. It's amazing how it happened. We look at the time of Brahma Baba, we don't yet have that much upheaval. It could happen anytime, anywhere, but internally we know that Baba will keep us safe. Baba will take us where we have to go. Baba will give enough food to us and whatever is in the way, spiritually and physically needed, Baba will provide. We are at the Confluence Age, we are not in the Iron Age. I always remind myself, the world is descending and we are not, we are ascending. So, think of your fortune, think of your omens of the Confluence Age, elevated but also create the awareness, and that awareness definitely will bring the power also. So remember tomorrow “I am master Almighty”, remember that “I am an elevated soul” and turn on yourself so that the sanskars become divine. So be in solitude with Baba and experience concentration.

Om Shanti


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