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I am A Soul Who is A Conqueror of Sinful Actions #25

Love_Solitude_25 Mohini_Didi January 25, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Baba has given us today the self-respect of “conqueror of sinful actions” and every self-respect Baba is connected with, and what we have to do, especially with the power of concentration and solitude. Baba also connected that only when you are in solitude, there is concentration, and concentration helps you to be in solitude because when I'm in concentration, I'm alone. So it's good that there is a lot of understanding and we have been practicing. Baba was comparing vices the with snakes. Baba is saying what kind of stage we create, what kind of experience we should have, so that we can make these snakes dance. Do you feel they're under control? Conqueror of sinful action means no more snakes, right? Now I want to attain a stage that is a consistent angelic stage, a stage of being a master. So instead of thinking of snakes and conquering them, I just practice concentration in such a way that I create a stage where snakes cannot come near. When I am creating a stable and consistent stage,I will see some obstacles to come. So as Baba said, “Organize a court in the night and see which sense organ, which organ of the body deceived you or did mischief”. So then we come to know that the type of sanskar that is in the soul, from that sinful action, is making the soul do such action. It could be through the eyes, there are certain things we see but we ignore it. We don't go into details. The more into the details of something, that is a sanskar. You don't want it, but still you are pulled, and especially these days with social media, so much is happening all over. I remember that Baba used to tell us that when you open a newspaper, read the news, who is visiting India, how we contact them, what service we do, but not the stories of what happened, this happened, that happened.

So Baba used to actually teach us what news we should read, because there are two things. One is what we see through the eyes, or even listening, listening also is a big sanskar. I know that there are some souls, they say that they listen, they know everything, from where did you hear this? Oh, so and so was talking and it is not what I should be listening to, but there is this kind of pull which happens to listen and actually as less we listen, the better. All the thoughts are of what we see, what we hear. So what sinful actions are doing is activating those sanskars through our sense organs and that is why Baba said, “Have a court and see what deceived and we know mostly it is eyes and ears.It could also be the mouth, you take a lot of interest in speaking things which you shouldn't be. It's just like looking at which organ becomes very actively involved in what is not pure, spiritual, useful, uplifting, because now we have to go a little bit higher. We have to go a little bit more than just ordinary efforts. Baba is speaking about full control, so that nothing ordinary happens. Only that which is auspicious, pure, elevated, and also empowering and encouraging to others. So that it brings happiness to the souls and other souls also feel that is really helping me. We are creating the elevated sanskars through our words and actions, any kind of action, whether it is seeing things or hearing.

So this way, as Baba said, when there is concentration, it means that I am consistent, and consistent is what we call ascending. Baba is saying that concentration is important, that means you have to be stable. You want to be peaceful and stable in that peace for one hour, or actually you should be in that stage the whole day. Baba says “avyakt stage’. While doing everything, you are just in Baba’s remembrance or you are very detached, you are in silence, because avyakt really means you're using your body as much as necessary. There should be a very good stage that happens through concentration, where you are in a very good balance of using the mind, intellect, or body. The intellect also needs deep silence sometimes. Even for a little while, go into deep silence then you see things higher, higher than what you think. What you desire is because generally we are at the level of what we think, what our desires are. In the avyakt stage, you think a little higher, another step that also is avyakt, like Brahma Baba. Baba said. “I became avyakt so that you all can also think about that, and even when he became avyakt, a lot more was happening to him. In the avyakt stage, a lot of powers start working, a lot of inner powers which are accumulated, or even your energy of elevated actions, they bring the result.

Baba says that when you have concentration, you feel like being a master. A master has authority but is also very humble, because greatness and humility go together. An arrogant person cannot be great, but a humble person can be great, and humility basically means you are loaded with attainments. So, give an example of a tree full of fruits, it bows, not empty, but full. So, I think that we all need to look at every point and control of the mind is like a power. How much should I think about something? I have thought enough, let me put a full-stop now. I want to stop it, but it doesn't stop, keep going on and on and that is why one of the practice tht the Dadis always gave us, was “let us remember Baba, we discussed a lot, now let us remember Baba and everyone's intellect is with Baba. Baba will give us more ideas”. So, this way I feel then our standards, everything gets better and better. So tomorrow, we all have to look at how consistent I remain and how much I fluctuate. If I remain consistent, Baba will stay with me also. So just a few more days left to look at our power of concentration and solitude.

Om Shanti

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