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I am a soul who has the experience of supersensuous Joy #17

Love_for_Solitude_17 Mohini_Didi January 17, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

We all are looking forward to listening to Baba and spending the day with Baba on January 18th. Naturally, we are being pulled to spend the day with Baba. Baba keeps saying to increase the power of concentration for any kind of experience. Even Baba is saying that for an experience of supersensuous joy, you need the power of concentration. It's true, because as soon as you move your mind towards the center of the forehead and start thinking, I am a point of light, a soul, the concentration begins. Then when we think, “I am a pure soul, I am a lovefull soul, peaceful soul.” This is a very simple practice of soul consciousness, and it increases our concentration. I still remember when I came into knowledge and I started practicing soul consciousness. Baba as a point of light also. So, just imagine that you are concentrating on one little tiny point. Of course there is light and there is love, and as soon as you do that, your concentration begins. You all can try with that. So the power of concentration should be our practice, it should become easy and normal for us, like scientists inventions. These days, like you see with the plants, with flowers, they play around so much, and change the colors of flowers. I don't know yet about fruit, but in flowers you see many colors. Scientists really need a lot of power of concentration so they are able to discover. That is why they compare that even an atom is so tiny, and look at what they have been able to do with that, whether in a creative way or a destructive way. So, Baba wants us to have so much power of concentration so that we can have many different experiences. Also, when you have concentration and your mind is not cluttered with a lot of thoughts, your inner vision is very clear. It really works very well. Your face, the sparkle of that point is also visible on your face.

Baba wants us to be the masters of the mind. Everything is under your control. The way you want the thoughts, you are able to create. Not only that, but Baba says that when any big thought comes in the mind, you could change it and make it powerful. A lot of people, actually everyone in the world, their suffering is about what to do with so many thoughts. So they have to entertain those thoughts, because they can't control the mind. When they entertain them, some thoughts are good and some are not. So you can see that the personality of that person is going in different directions, because they don't know what to do with the thoughts. Just imagine that the power of the thought is so great and if we are able to control it, we have control over everything.There is a saying, ‘conqueror of the mind becomes the conqueror of the world.’ So, again looking at the life of Brahma Baba, externally very light, communicative, cheerful, but you could see that he was so introverted, just Shiv Baba or self respect. Self respect is also concentration. I sometimes find that this whole world, ekant priya, is in solitude with Baba. Talking to Baba when He is incorporeal, not only that, but to get signals from Baba. It's clear direction from Baba. Baba, you are my guide, what should I do? Again, that will need concentration, because if you are not able to be with Baba then we also cannot get answers. Baba said this morning that it's Baba's Shrimat, as soon as we start following the dictates of our own mind then we are wondering. So, what is Baba's Shrimat for me? So, at every step in life, we definitely need power to discern, which also comes through concentration.

Today Baba is talking about supersensous joy. Like the gopes and gopis dancing with Krishna. One is dance, the other is raas. Raas means they all are in harmony, the same is for us. Our mind, our intellect, our sanskars are in harmony, no conflict. First the conflict begins inside, and then with the sanskars of others, because you're bringing that conflict from inside out. As much as you stay in harmony, you always find certain nice ways, good methods, to create harmony. I was thinking about how many types of cars are on the road, different sizes, different companies, different shapes. They all run, they all are on the road. So, we are on a journey, everyone has different ways, different sanskars. I do the best when I set an example. I just stay in my lane, and once you stay in your lane there is no problem.That means I have control of my thoughts, words, actions, and I think it's our life at the Confluence Age as Brahmins as Rajyogis. Baba's children have very unique beautiful habits. We are very royal children of Baba. I was thinking today about Brahma Baba's royalty. He never asked for anything. Whatever he surrendered, his renunciation, he looked very royal. We should all look very loving, detached, and royal.

So, I think about this angelic stage, you must be feeling your angelic stage. What is an angelic stage? Human beings, because of attachment, will just stay and will not go anywhere. Angels give the message, they fly. They do what they have to do, then they don't care. They don't expect anything, they don't expect any reward appreciation. So, tomorrow as soon as you wake up at Amritvela, practice the angelic stage. First I have to go beyond my body, that's the main attraction. Body pull is maximum, but when you really go into soul consciousness, you forget the body, pull of the body. Even the pains of the body disappear. Baba says that as much as you are bodiless, soul conscious, you are able to use your body in a proper way. Our Brahma Baba was 90 plus years, he was able to keep his body so well, only bodiless stage soul consciousness, remembrance of Baba what else, he did nothing. Some people ask what do you use to eat, very little, very simple. Very little, very simple. Baba liked one of the daal that we call moong daal. It's very light, considered to be the most light. We bring that little one, then we make little chapatis. Baba would take one and eat with daal. As much as we eat simply, the body is able to digest it properly. I think we all should practice soul consciousness, while doing everything, be in soul consciousness. Your energy is being recharged. Baba has said that words of blessings from Baba have to increase the tree. So, we should also keep remembering Baba's blessing. Every blessing Baba speaks is for all of us, but we have to internally take it. So we also want success, we also want to cooperation, and we also want tree to grow. How will it happen? Through the seed of blessings, the tree will grow. So we will start in the morning offering bhog and meditation, Baba's Murli, transmission. So will enjoy some of the beautiful decorations of India.

Om Shanti


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