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I am A Soul an image that grands visions #26

Love_for_Solitude_26 Mohini Didi January 26, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Happy Satguruvaar! We had signals from Baba, recognition of God, recognition of Baba and relationships based on that recognition. I knew God before on the path of bhakti, but when Baba comes, he gives us His true introduction. I am thinking that Baba’s birth anniversary Shiv Jayanti is coming soon, so maybe we should revise who Baba is, what He does and our relationship with Him. We are the heir souls. So, for a moment everyone now takes this unique mirror and sees your face which grants visions. Can we do that for a moment, everyone? The face, the eyes, have concentration, the face is very cheerful. In temples, they don't allow anyone to touch even the feet of the deities. There is a priest there and he will take from you whatever has to be offered, then because you cannot touch the feet, which devotees want to do, they give them the nectar. They wash the feet of those idols and they give them the drink, and they call it nectar. So, that means there is so much purity that they don't want anyone to touch their feet. When Baba says something, it makes us think. Of course, I have seen certain things in the path of devotion. There is a very famous temple that has 500 chefs to cook. They cook in clay pots. They cook in many different metals and then they offer. Just imagine 500 chefs. They make large quantities because there are thousands of devotees and they all need to get some prasad, some holy food. So they have to cook in large quantities. They say nobody can enter because everything is very clean. So, the way the Bhog is prepared is just for the idol. We should think of ourselves in the same way. Whether we are offering Bhog to Baba or even when we are eating, we cannot touch. There is a big question - Can I taste before I offer? There was a lot of discussion in the beginning, when Bhog is being made, can we taste to see if there is enough salt or not. That is one thing but also, we have to be very careful. Sometimes we put our hand in the food. It's not good you know because we are offering to Baba, and we are all god and goddess souls. Whatever little we have to eat, simple but very clean and very healthy. I always tell them if you have to save, don't save on food, buy nice vegetables. It's alright. There and then, that food which is offered to Baba, our hands shouldn't touch.

So, thinking of ourselves as gods and goddesses will change a lot of things: what we put in the body, what we use as clothing, what we use on our face, everything. Baba is connecting today again with the concentration that one of the important qualities to grant vision is to be still, very still, and that stillness is not just external but it's coming from concentration. So, it's very interesting how every day the avyakt signals are helping us to save ourselves and then Baba also said to look at self- sovereignty. Now you are self-sovereign, so every organ of the body should be in order, complete purity. So, today after listening to our points of self-respect, it made me really, internally feel, that we having that relationship with Baba when we are offering Bhog to Baba, and making Bhog for Baba. Try to avoid anything from outside to be used as Bhog. Like some offer pasta to Baba. Now, where was it made? Then of course we can eat, no problem, but a time will come where we will want to see that we don't use all that for ourselves also. So, Baba has given us this signal with advice: how do you give the vision which grants blessings to everyone, which gives happiness to people? So, what am I offering to Baba? What am I offering to my own self and the family? I think we have to be very attentive to that. I also find that if your intellect is too involved in anything or your heart is touched by anything, then there is no concentration. Baba said that we have to be an image that grants visions. Baba's point of that rail of Drama or train of Drama on the rail. Mama used to say that Baba and Drama are two sides of the rail. If we forget Drama, we forget Baba, because then other thoughts just occupy the mind. So, it's very interesting that drama is moving on, really you cannot stop it. Whatever has to happen keeps happening. Drama also creates external situations, but how do I also move along so that I am able to keep my stage very stable, not shaken by anything. Anything can happen suddenly. Generally, you will say that I'm very unshakable, I am fearless, but it could be a little or big test, and then we get shaken.

So, Baba is saying that if you are able to use the break, and you have power to mold or turn around, Baba says that then you are not wasting energy or the power of intellect. It’s so subtle. That means if I am using my intellect where I shouldn't, then power is lost, and you won't be able to accumulate the power. It's like a battery or connection. When equipment is connected, it’s charged. When a battery is low, things don't function properly. So, how to save energy of the mind and intellect? Baba says that when power is accumulated, then we have the power to discern and decide. We all have noticed when there is concentration, quickly, in one minute, we know very clearly what the answer is. If not, then we question, “Should I, should I not?”. We waste a lot of our time, and energy goes. So, I think it's a very important point to see at this time, especially our mind and the power of concentration, and not to waste. Keep using our intellect and remember that anything we start, let's remember Baba. Put aside all the thoughts, everything, and in Baba's remembrance, very clear thoughts will emerge. There was a time that we had a very common practice, we would drop everything we were doing and say, “Let's remember Baba, see what Baba wants from us. Now let me sit with Baba and let's see what Baba has to say.” Then the clarity will start happening. I am underlining all these points because I feel that's what we all need so that we can use our abilities more in a subtle and a higher way for God's task. So, think about it and today during meditation we will reflect and try to see a clear vision within you. If you are not able to see, you create. I mean I just go in and I could see, but sometimes not. So, then I create the vision of what we are ourselves. An image of a deity or image which grants visions, and that is an image of concentration.

Om Shanti

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