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I Am a Master Almightly Authority Soul, A Powerful Soul #02

Embodiment_Of_Success_2 Mohini_Didi October 2, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone is well? When we are able to keep ourselves okay, Baba likes it. Baba doesn't like every time we come with a complaint, weakness or some difficulty. Baba says, I have given you knowledge to use. You have the power of yoga, use it. You have divine virtues, use it. Baba has given them to us, we have to use it. If we again and again we go in front of Baba with what is lacking, Baba asks, why haven't you taken all powers from me?

It's very interesting, but also remember that I have to receive from Baba and let the soul become the embodiment and remember when homework begins. Remember the theme all the time. If I use it in a worthwhile way, I will be successful. Then there is our homework point. The first main heading is very powerful. Safal means use it for a worthwhile purpose. It's very clear if the treasure of thought, time and energy they all go together. If I use all three in a worthwhile way, not only will I make it accumulate, but I become the embodiment. I like the first day when Baba said, success means you are 100 percent complete. I like it because it takes you inside. I won’t have fruition all the time. I will be in gold palaces, I will have status, all that will be there as much you make effort, your reward is there. At the confluence age our aim is to become one hundred percent complete in each virtue, each power, each maryada. That means as much as I practice, I have thoughts and use them so that I become perfect.

Baba is talking about really creating a kind of self-confidence. Baba is saying to become a master almighty authority. I feel that Baba is speaking to us. He awakened me in the last kalpa. I remember that Dadi used to say what is ordained in the soul as the part from the last kalpa will emerge again. I'm not doing something once. I have been doing it every cycle, every kalpa, so it’s like deep within. This is what I am. When Baba is saying, I have the thought I am master almighty, he is not saying become master almighty. I am master almighty. Baba says then what will happen, is I am a master almighty soul, I am a powerful soul. It's not possible that I am master almighty and I am a powerful soul. Now everything, the power, weakness, high energy, low energy, everything is in the thought. If your thought is elevated, your thought is very simple but very high. So when your thought has power, it means that’s your power, elevated thought. It’s interesting, right? The thought is the seed. I like it very much when something deeper comes in the mind about any point, one feels very happy. Powerful thoughts accumulate your soul power and your energy. In the world, they use the word energy a lot, we use the word power. Baba says weak thoughts make you lose your energy and also time. I'm thinking so time is also going, so thought and time. Now stop the creation of waste thoughts that disturbs the soul, the creator, and so always maintain pure pride. Always maintain your pride that I am a master almighty authority and a powerful soul. Take power from Baba and you will never be disturbed. You will become someone who moves the disturbance of others also. That means when there is power, you are not disturbed. Baba says, our last stage of confluence age, what we have to remember is that I have to be a powerful soul.

Om Shanti

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