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I Am A Constant, Great Donor #28

Love_for_Solitude_28 Mohini_Didi January 28, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Baba is reminding us of long term practice, long term stage. If someone thinks about the end, like I will be able to accomplish it by then. Baba said that it won't be called long term. If you want to experience the fruit for 21 births, if you want your kingdom for 21 births, then you have to have a long term stage. So, this is actually reminding us that we shouldn't have the habit of waiting until the end, because sometimes we say, “Okay, it will happen, I will manage.” Baba said, “No, you should do it from now.” It is our stage of being bodiless, and also not just keep thinking about the end of the world, but in this birth, to consider every moment to be the last moment. Ultimately, what I need is remembrance of Baba. So, just have this habit, let me remember Baba. Any situation, wasteful thoughts, any concerns, no, let me remember Baba. So this practice will help you at that last moment to be in remembrance of Baba at the last moment. My aim always is that the soul has to go in Baba's remembrance. So, in this way, remembrance there is always an attention. Then because I have been doing it, Drama and time also will cooperate in the last moments, if we are good effortmakers. Baba wants us to be consistent. Anything Baba says shouldn't break anywhere, remind yourself all the time, I am a child of the Bestower and I have to bestow. Keep all your treasures full. One is with this awareness, I am a child of the Bestower, and the second awareness is I am Master Almighty. As soon as you say, “I am Master Almighty”, all the treasures will be full. By becoming aware at the right time, the right power will emerge. It's not that the situation passes and I say, “Oh, I could have done that, maybe I should have used that power, maybe I should have tolerated.” Baba said that each one of us has to check if all the powers emerge at the right time, because that is where you will pass with honors.

The complete stage means constant donors, actually great donors. Donors through thoughts, through words, and through actions. Baba said that many of you must be paying attention, that you want to be donors through the mind, good wishes and pure feelings for everyone. Always find answers from the knowledge. Generally, if you try to give knowledge, every Baba's child has a lot of knowledge. Baba said that a true server, constant server, will not only give knowledge, but very gently remind souls of what Baba says. These are Baba's versions, this is Baba's Shrimat. Let's say that Baba is calling this great donor's seva cooperation. So few of us are involved in a task, and one person loses patience, the other loses tolerance, so I also get upset and say, “Okay forget it, I am also leaving now.” What is required at this time is a little patience and some tolerance. When I have tolerance and patience, the task will get accomplished. This is where you will pass with honor, or become a great donor, because you were able to use the virtues to get the task finished. Baba is saying this, but very few are great donors in action. So, I have been thinking a lot about what Baba meant and I think we all did this at a certain point. The easiest way is to quit, to say, ”I won’t do it.” I remember Didi Manmohini gave me training, so she would tell us to do things that we had never done or she would suddenly tell me to do something. She said, “Look, once you say ‘no’, we will not tell you another time.” So I used to say, “Okay I will do it.” She would never allow us to quit, that it's okay. She taught us to remain there. A lot of people, because of this or that reason internally, then a little thing happens and they say, “I am not doing it, let someone else do it.”

There was a very big new center and I was an instrument. In less than a year, Baba told me that there was another big invitation and that I had to go. I said, “Baba, it's only one year and we just started.” Baba said, “Who is the owner?” I said, “You are.” Baba said, “Who is the Master?” I said, “You are the Master.” He said, “If you are a good manager, if you are a good owner, you have to learn two things. You need a manager, and you need a salesperson, then only your shop will run. So, after that, wherever I went, the first thing I chose was who would be good in management, and then who would promote. When Baba said, “Go here.” I said, “Yes Baba, I can go.” So, I kept going from one place to another, to a third place, and never stayed at one place. I learned that you cannot keep everything for you, you have to have at least two people who can become like if I can't do, I can't manage, that person can manage, but some are like master right? It's always the success of not only the leadership, but the team also. As important as the leader is, so is the team. So this whole thing of Baba saying that long term stage, consistent, great donor, and he said very few are setting that kind of example. So think more about how to be a great donor, consistent donor, long term, and how I can be totally cooperative in every situation, and use all the powers at the correct time. Baba said that the world is to be an angel and deity, ‘devta’, that means one who constantly gives. Also, when it comes to giving, we have to be very sensible to whom we are giving. So, we have to remember mahadani, that means sahyogi, cooperative.

Om Shanti


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