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I am A Bodiless and Tapaswi Soul #24

Love_for_Solitude_24 Mohini_Didi January 24,2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Baba is drawing our attention not to waste thoughts and time. Actually three things go together, when you think, you lose a moment, and also you lose your breath, because it has gone waste. So this attention, don’t think it is only 30%,20%. Percentage is one thing, but Baba is saying that it is about the habit. How do we stop the waste, so that there is no leakage and there is power? Every Murli, Baba is talking about power. There is love, but you need power. There is love, but you need to increase your capacity. So I have been thinking about what Baba means when He says ‘power’? So, let's say in this room there is power, electricity. The light is working, the heating is working. Everything works when there is power. If suddenly we lose power, then nothing will work. So this is how at least I see in my life that when there is power, everything works well, and when there is no power, nothing works. It could also be inner feelings sometimes. Externally, everything is working, but inner feelings could be things that are not moving, they are not good. All this is in a way without light, without power. Your thoughts are different and then your words will be different. So, I think we have to pay attention now, no leakage. That means no wastage, so that there is constant accumulation of powers. When you are influenced by any situation, you become powerless. So we have to be very careful not to get affected, and for that, I need to have that stage. I know that sitting the whole day, you can’t sit all day. You have to do your activities, your actions. You take care of your body as soon as we wake up, you have to have a shower, you have to have a drink, always some action. How do I become still, a tapaswi? So, I would like to practice that tomorrow; bodiless, and then the image of tapasya.

I think each one of you can think of your memorial. Which memorial comes in front of me? I know there are temples of different memorials and Goddesses, but for me, my memorial is Brahma Baba. I saw him as an ideal example or a practical image of all the teachings. Who else actually would teach us? Even Baba is giving us the reference to other images of tapasya, but actually, I have to follow Brahma Baba. Internally tapaswi, and externally karma yogi. Internally, he was very still and bodiless and full of love of Baba, very stable. That’s why he was able to be lighthouse and mighthouse. One of the important qualities of a lighthouse in the ocean is that it is unshakable. Secondly, the light doesn't stop, it rotates all the time. Be stable and give everyone love, light, might through your powerful thoughts and vibrations. The image of the lighthouse to me also is an image of tapaswi. The lighthouse cannot avoid the waves. If you go and stand near the ocean where the lighthouse is, you can hear the waves hitting the lighthouse, but it doesn’t matter. So if we can also be internally very stable, unshakeable, then you are tapsawi. It’s only tapasya that has made you so strong and stable, but also I am not doing tapasya just for myself. Baba says that you have to transform your tamopradhan nature, elements everything, from tamopradhan to satopradhan. Tamopradhan is like calamity, destructive, and satopradhan is very calm, very peaceful, pure.

So, how do I constantly send the vibrations of tapasya? There is the connection of bodiless and tapsawi. There is awareness of the body, body consciousness, ego of the body, but we are free from both, no body consciousness, no ego, we are very humble. Then you can be stable even if you have different waves externally. You will see so many waves hitting the lighthouse. The lighthouse is stable, the lighthouse is unshakeable. So we can look at our chart, our thoughts, our feelings. Are we unshakeable? That means you are tapswi. You don’t react to any kind of atmosphere. Baba has said to use the power of silence, because with the power of silence, you are doing elevated actions. So always keep remembering the words ‘power of silence’. To be stable, you need determination. That is only possible when I am applying the points of knowledge properly. It’s Drama, it’s everyone’s part, there is some benefit in that, whatever happens is nothing new. We have knowledge, and it is through knowledge that we have trust for our life. Baba’s Knowledge brings peace, love, and self recognition. Knowledge also gives the methods and techniques that we have to use now so you can really have success. Whatever is happening, you are seeing nothing new. It happened last Kalpa. It is one of the scenes of Drama like you see on the screen. Here you are seeing it right in front of you. This soul is an actor playing a part in the Drama. Baba says that even the storms bring some gifts for you, tufan and tohfa, but because the intellect and mind get involved in the circumstances, you are not able to use the power of knowledge. Otherwise, knowledge also has power.

Tapswi is still and stable. Otherwise the intellect, then mind, then words, everything starts shaking, acting in a very different way. That’s why Baba says Maya will also give a test. When you are studying, is there any study where you don‘t have to take the test? Is there any study that you don’t use for something? Why keep studying? To do something. Either you become an engineer, you become a doctor. Here we are becoming instruments of God. We are becoming deities, worship worthy souls. This is visible in our interaction, behavior, in our stage, and I think that people are able to feel that power of your stability. The soul doesn’t have a body. I am just a point of light. People have so much attachment with their body. So how to be detached? It’s Baba’s body, Baba’s instrument. Baba is using it. Baba can also help us to be free from attachment. Tomorrow our practice is I am a bodiless soul and a tapswi soul. Use concentration, solitude, determination, and we all will achieve a very unshakeable, stable stage where my third eye, my face, everything just gives light and might.

Om Shanti

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