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Humility #18

Harmonizing_Sanskars_18                  Mohini_Didi                        April 18, 2024   

Om Shanti Everyone!

Happy Satguruvaar. I know many of us were looking forward to offering Bhog on Thursdays. I got many messages from many of you that you were waiting for these days and now finally, it’s happening. So, Baba’s drishti on us is that we are full, we have to remain full and not allow any kind of weak thoughts to emerge. There are scenes of Drama, circumstances, but they all are temporary. We have to remain full and also stable. Most of the virtues and powers we practice and we are used to those, but when Baba talks everyday of a different power or virtue, one feels good because you have another opportunity to see how much I have that quality. So, today’s signal which we will practice tomorrow is ‘humility’. I always like the example of a tree loaded with fruits. So, it’s not to be subservient or that you bow to anyone, but it is the fullness. When you are full, you are great, you are humble. So, humility is not a lack of something. Humility is self-respect. You remain in self-respect, and you give respect to everyone. So, the more you give respect, the more you get respect. 

As you all know, I just returned from Madhuban, Shantivan, two full months there and also Baba’s meeting. There were fifteen thousand, twenty thousand Baba’s unlimited family there. The quality of surrender, fifty years, fifty-five years, serving day and night but also how Baba sustains everyone, it’s not only spiritually, but also physically. So, naturally there are some sanskars once in a while that emerge from the ego of one’s own specialty, but generally internally we are very appreciative that Baba has made us aware of those specialties so that we can use them. So, Baba is saying that the more humility there is, the more success there is. Humility comes from considering yourself to be an instrument, and everyone bows down to the virtue of humility. Everyone bows down to those who bow down themselves. Therefore, move along by considering the body to be an instrument. Consider yourself to be an instrument for service and you will develop humility. Where there is humility, there cannot be conflict. You will take it and say, “It’s okay, it’s all right.” You won’t argue, you won’t come in conflict. So, Baba said that there will naturally be harmony of sanskars. It's an easy method, but for some it’s difficult. It’s not a defeat. Humility is not that I am defeated, but humility is a kind of acceptance. Baba always says to accept the ideas of each other. Acceptance is very important. When there is love and acceptance, also there is respect, and that creates harmonizing of sanskars. There was a time when we used to go in trance to offer Bhog to Baba, and we always do Raas. It was not in our control. It was automatic, that inner joy and harmonizing automatically used to happen because of this intoxication. So, I think the time will come that we all will be in super-sensuous joy, no differences, no conflict, but all will be dancing in the harmonising of sanskars. That will happen. 

Om Shanti

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