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Honoring The Vaishnav I Am #8

Creating _Heaven_Inside_Ourselves_8 Mohini_Didi June 8, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is well? Okay? Yes, that's very good. So beautiful to see each one of you well, and from your waving hands I can feel that you acknowledge. Yes, you are okay, and you thank Baba for that. Every day, it is becoming more clear how we are emerging our Golden Aged sansakars, and definitely one of them is what Avyakt BapDada is calling “Jewel of Contentment”. Baba said, “Baba has given everyone the title of jewel of contentment” Actually contentment begins with one's own efforts. Deeply within, if I am very content, like if I have good amritvela, I felt Baba, I was able to remember Baba nicely, then the whole day, that contentment keeps me very sweet, very gentle, very light. Everything I see and do, there is contentment, and others also experience that contentment from me; my relationship of contentment.

Now it was very beautiful yesterday, there was the commentary of that Satopradhan body, and I still had that experience and feelings in me until today. So, all of us really should keep our aim to see what we can experience. Bodiless stage means that you have a Satopradhan body, and when you have a Satopradan body, you are soul conscious naturally. So at this time, this purity is through whatever I think, see, and do, and that means I'm using the body with this purity. I am also making these elements Satopradhan. I really like when it was said that in the Golden Age, when we bathe, the water has fragrance because of the herbs. These days we buy spring water that is coming from the mountains, and there are certain trees that are herbs. So, when the water is passing through it has minerals, and they call it mineral water. It's not filtered or like tap water, because even if they filter it, they put chemicals in, and it is coming from the pipe. In Shantivan, we had to change all the pipes and all the tanks, everything, there shouldn't be any rust, because that water will make people physically sick. So, we spent so much time, money, and expertise to see how the water can remain clean.

Look at flowers. I know that we have many types of roses, there are little roses, red, soft, very gentle roses. It's from India, and they call it Indian Rose, but it has so much fragrance. There are some who know about Jasmine flowers; they have a lot of fragrance, but now they use wax, so they look beautiful and big, but there is no fragrance left. So, this is something that I could really feel, that in the Golden Age when we are using water to bathe the body, it has a natural fragrance. I remember that there was a time when I was someone's guest, they would put a little herbal essence in the tub. I enjoyed it because it has a very beautiful fragrance. So, this whole thing of fragrance, not only in water, in air, in everything. Even vegetables these days, when you eat, in India too, they have been using a lot of chemicals. There are also those who grow at home, and those vegetables have a different taste. These days you just put more seasoning to make it tasty, but before they just put in little oil and cooked it, any vegetable would taste very nice, you don't really need any kind of seasoning. So from nature, everything has been extracted in a way not only the fragrance, but even the value, because you know when they sell, they call it gold water. You know that now we have taken out all the metals, the gold and silver, so when we have taken out the metals, the minerals are not there. It's basically because of our materialistic life that we have removed everything. You want to wear gold jewelry, so it has become a business. We accumulate gold, but then what have we done? We have been hurting the elements, because the elements don't have any minerals now.

So, it's a very beautiful concept, just the experience that you are using the elements, your bathing using water, and you are sparkling. I don't think we will need any kind of face creams and face powder in the Golden Age because there will be a natural glow. I don't think Lakshmi has to use any makeup there to look beautiful. It's such a beautiful glow, and that is because of the elements. I remember that Dadi Janki came to San Francisco a few years ago, to see a patient who had open heart surgery. She came directly from England, and then she was taken to the hospital. She was walking around and the nurses said. “What kind of cream do you use? Your skin is so good. What kind of perfume do you use that has so much fragrance?” They used to feel her glow, and the fragrance from her, then they were talking of gentleness. If you have ever held Dadi Janki’s hand, it was so soft and so little, but there was so much current in that. So, that means even now at the Confluence Age, our bodies will have a natural glow, and very nice fragrance.

So, now we will be practicing “being Vaishnav”, and for this, first, our thoughts should be very clean. It's not just the food, it's first the thoughts. If you are cooking food and you are upset or angry, even if you have the best food, it won't work the same way. That's why we say to cook the food with love, in Baba's remembrance, offer it to Baba, and then eat with a lot of love, in remembrance of Baba. So, Vaishnav is not only about food, you know complete vegetarian, Vaishnav remain untouched, they don't like anyone touching them. They will bathe, but this is more to remain untouched mentally, internally. I am untouched, and also my thoughts are all pure, and this is how matter will become Satopradhan. Bodies we will receive, but even now, there won't be that pull, no body conscious pull of anything, not from human beings, not from matter, no pull. There is such a beautiful feeling of soul consciousness, bodiless stage, Satopradhan stage. So, I think that's what we are emerging, and as I said, if you really spend this little time in experiencing it, it stays all the time, and it will continue. So, just imagine after a month how beautiful and clear our feelings and experiences will be.

Om Shanti


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