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Honesty and Cleanliness #19

Honest_Heart_19 Mohini_Didi December 19, 2022

Om Shanti

Words are always very simple. We want it to be that simple, but when we want to apply it, it becomes quite a journey and brings deeper meaning, clarifications, understanding and many experiences. For me, whenever I hear any words then I start reflecting on that, especially Baba's versions of being carefree. When you are carefree your face is sparkling. I find that we have to keep clearing, no confusion, no conflict.

One of the main ones is very certainly “I” and “mine”. “I” did it or “I” have to do it. Baba used me, so “I” and “mine” and Baba is giving a very simple way. Baba is Almighty, He is our parent. He will make it happen because in the confluence age everything depends on remembrance. Thinking of Baba, keep saying the praise of Baba, because what is important is spiritual intoxication. If there is a lack of spiritual intoxication everything will be difficult. I have to do it. I cannot do the renunciation which is involved at every step of life. People have renunciation for their family. If someone not well in their lokik family, someone will take care of them. They don't call it renunciation. One is spiritual love, the other is attachment.

Dadi Janki was told by Baba that you have to take care of all the children, so you will be the nurse. She had been giving children class or some other responsibility and was asked to do this. Dadi said for a few moments she thought but then said no, I have to do it. She said one of the benefits was that she could go to Baba as many times as necessary. “Baba this patient is better, Baba this sister needs some more attention”. She said no one could see Baba anytime but she could go anytime without making an appointment. She said I didn't realize that when I was given this duty there would be so much closeness to Baba. She said Baba knew who was really sick and who was lazy or kind of pretending. Baba knew who was truthful and who was not. Can you imagine honesty even to that extent?

This word I like very much when Baba says a double crown comes through the victory. If you have to become a king or queen then you have to be victorious. How do you become that otherwise? Every step in Brahmin life, one needs to look at one's own truthfulness and cleanliness. This whole month we will be talking more about it, I feel we need more. I need to be very clean. Baba is also talking about economy of thoughts, words and actions, a very interesting process. I can do things with less thinking. Some will think a lot or even use a lot of words, but with time we learned the less words you say the more clear you could be. Then the other person can absorb what you're saying. I was thinking there was a time at least most of you will remember, that we paid a lot of attention to our thoughts. We went into silence with Baba and felt it. When you feel something you think less, because there is clarity. Baba is also talking about a clean and clear intellect. As we go on the journey of life, spiritual efforts move us towards our stage of perfection. We will have many different experiences. Cleanliness is something that could be very deep, internal but also external. Some people instead of cleaning, they just push things here and there so everything from outside looks clean. Actually it is good once in a while to do deep cleaning, then you see how nice you feel after that. For Ratan Mohini Dadi, everything in her administration is so thorough. There’s a very big office where you have to get your license for Center, Sub-Center, all that. They came to me and they explained how things work and I was so surprised everything was so clear. Because of her mind, her quality, I think that whatever she did in administration was very clear. I think that it's a quality which is not only quality in the soul but it's visible in tasks also. Every quality, every virtue is seen in a practical life also.

Baba wants to see us with two crowns. Crown of light, both light and lightness. One light is our purity and the other light is lightness. The second crown of sovereignty means victory. I think this awareness of victory is very important in Brahmin life. “What will happen? Will I be able to do it or not?`` One is success, the other is victory. Victory is when you are conquering your inner traits. Different people have different fears. Let’s say it is very dark, what you do is have internal trust and whatever you have to do you will be victorious.

Now we are hearing that there will be big snowstorms for the next few days. Many of us are planning to go to Peace Village. How will the weather be? If we are victorious we will say okay, we will make it. We think a lot, we talk a lot but then it comes to doing. Generally, they say that it is the practice which makes someone perfect. In Mount Abu, who you must have seen early in the morning, many soldiers are running because they have to run three miles per day. Now what is the use? They're not fighting, or on a battlefield, but if they do not do it, they will not be able to fight. Sometimes, we don't do things we need to. Then when we have to do it, we are not able to, there's no victory. Internally, determination, powerful energy is very important. Sometimes Baba would say it's a lack of enthusiasm, like spirit is down and sometimes the enthusiasm is very high. I think that when Baba wants a true heart and a clean heart that can definitely help us to be victorious. We have to be conquerors because internally there are still some karmic bondages, some traces left of the vices in the form of weaknesses. Everyday Baba says you have to become complete. You have to become perfect, honest and have a clean heart, truth and cleanliness. I think it requires constant effort. Sometimes you are able to see the dust, sometimes you don't, but I have to clean every day, just clean it. Sometimes you don't think there is anything but when you clean then you see it, then you clean and it looks more and more clean. It's a very subtle topic about the connection of truth with thinking less and talking less and being economical. I think we have to take each word of Baba's signal and practice, experiment and we will definitely feel the power of all that and then we will be happy about it.

Om Shanti

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