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Honest Heart #21

Volcanic_Yoga_21 Mohini_Didi Aug 21st,2023

Is everyone okay?

Volcanic yoga can transform the atmosphere. One of the very powerful sticks you can put in fire is love. Baba is saying when there is love, the proof is that we become like Baba. Baba's love, Baba is the Ocean of Peace, Baba is knowledge full, all the virtues of Baba, all the powers. I think if you pay attention then we become 100%, we become complete. We cannot disappoint Baba. Say, yes Baba, we are becoming like you. Keep the aim of just being in Baba’s remembrance. Many souls experience the presence of Baba as if Baba is giving drishti. Baba is giving us sustenance.

I was discussing the difference between truthful and honest. In Hindi we say sachai and imandari. Imandari is more trustworthy and truthful, in and out just truth. I like very much when Baba is saying that if your heart is true, you receive blessings from Baba. Those blessings will help you in your efforts to create a stage. If we get those blessings, they are very important. I can just be a point and create that stage with the blessings. Our whole Brahman life is about creating our stage. Circumstances, situations, relationships, there are so many subjects. What I find is that if any, as Baba says, main weaknesses are there, that main weakness will emerge. You will be deceived in the end by that. When you are truthful, you say very openly to Baba or even your instrument, that I have this sanskar, then you will be able to remove that weakness. I feel speaking the truth always has helped us. Brahma Baba always used to observe how many children are completely truthful. Some used to say, if Baba comes to know that I have this weakness, then it's not good, Baba won’t like me. Baba knows and if you tell the truth, he's very pleased. I know even with parents, sometimes children out of fear don't tell the truth, but if they do tell the truth, the parents actually love that child. It's a mistake that parents punish their child, actually they should love. Why not remain truthful and honest and combine it with a powerful mind and honest heart? What else do we need?

I think the aim should be to remain truthful, because it becomes a habit. To not speak the truth comes out of fear or consequences or whatever. Speak the truth, remain truthful. That is when obedience, faithfulness and all the qualities will come. Our homework tomorrow is to check that it is not because of fear, weakness or thinking of the consequences, I changed the facts. Baba is saying that in order to have powerful remembrance, your love must come from an honest heart. In devotion also, some devotees really have a lot of love for Baba or God. Some whenever they need something, they go to God and say ‘I love you’, because they want something. Those who have an honest heart are able to become a point within a second. I would rather take that. I could become a point within a second and be able to remember Baba, the Point. I am a point, Baba is a point. Because they please the Lord with their honest heart, such souls claim special blessings from the Father with which they are easily able to stabilize in the thought of One. This is not just our effort, it's also coming as blessings. It's not only my effort to be a point, but Baba’s blessings will help me. Baba says they will experience remembrance in the form of fire and will spread powerful vibrations everywhere. It's so Incognito, the heart is so incognito, even the vibrations. The vibrations are like the fragrance. Even if someone tried to hide, vibrations manifest.

Keep your heart honest, mind powerful. Always remember that our record of efforts is with Baba. He is my Teacher. He keeps my register. Externally, people could have different opinions about me, their assessment of my efforts, but Baba knows. The aim should be to keep a truthful, honest heart, receive a lot of blessings, then you find your efforts to be very easy. Easy to be with One, easy to be a point. Tomorrow we will do it a few times. When you are honest, you can get help from Baba. When the Master is pleased, he can remove very subtle alloy or weaknesses from us. We don't have to hide, we don't have to change and not be truthful. It's very interesting to receive blessings from Baba.

Om Shanti

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