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Have Faith and Be Carefree #24

Stay_in_AvyaktSilence24                Mohini_Didi             January 24, 2024

Om Shanti!

Baba says every child is a valuable jewel. So, Baba takes care and looks at the specialities of everyone. Sometimes we plan, we have a task, we have a program, everyone is given different assignments, but how do we make everyone feel that they are also valuable and elevated, just as Baba is making everyone feel invaluable. Baba said to look at the specialities of everyone. True love in Brahmin life is the support which everyone feels if we look at each one as a very valuable Baba’s jewel, and that everyone has specialities, everyone. There are some roles in the task which seem more prominent, they are more visible, but every Baba's soul, Baba's child, plays a very important part. While listening to Avyakt BapDada, I was thinking that what we could inculcate in our life is to have our drishti towards every Baba’s child as very valuable, and we could say ‘wah’ to everyone, not ‘wah’ to just a few. Sometimes it does happen where we give more attention to a few, but now we could again make it our dharna, from our heart to have a lot of love, respect and value for everyone. As much as we do what Baba does, we will remain double light. Maybe there are some who are thinking differently about us, but we want to be double light, which means everyone also has to be light. That happens when I adopt certain awareness from Baba. We play Avyakt BapDada's versions from 1972 because we started to revise 1969 from the month of January. Also we read Sunday Murli, a little part of that is played every evening for revision. We revise it because sometimes you don't remember the whole Murli. So a little bit is played every day and whatever Baba says, I have to make it my dharna, my attitude, my drishti, and that improvement in us leads to becoming like Baba. So then everyone has a thought and the feeling that this one is becoming like Baba. If we don't get a certificate here, then we won't get it, right? We have to get a certificate from the family also.


Baba is saying for us to ‘have faith’, which we all have. Is there anyone here who doesn't have faith? If we have 100% faith, we become carefree 100%. If there is a percentage, then sometimes we become a little concerned, a little worried, and we're not constantly carefree. So we have to check our faith. Where is my faith lacking? In which aspect do I really believe in Baba, and where am I still lacking? Each word of Baba, you have to trust 100%, but sometimes we still have very subtle questions like ‘Why? How? What? and When?’ Having faith and being carefree goes together. The intellects of those who constantly stay in the double Iight stage are carefree and have faith. That means they are very stable. They will be in the flying stage within a minute, whatever past is past, let's go, let's move. That is why angelic stage is a flying stage. If you are a bird, you can fly, but your claws can get stuck anywhere. So that is why in the flying stage, you are an angel. The flying stage means the highest on high stage. The feet of their intellect will not be on the ground. Above the ground means going beyond any consciousness of the body, ‘I and mine’. Those who stay constantly above the ground of the body consciousness are angels. All souls who come into contact with such souls will experience coolness and peace even in a short time. Whenever Baba says body consciousness, I really start thinking about what Baba means. Most of us, for so many years, have been practising soul consciousness, but as Baba mentions, be above, be free from body consciousness, then I thought it must be circumstances. There are various circumstances every moment in this world. So, how much do circumstances bring us up and down? Sometimes we feel very high, sometimes low, and that is the pull of body consciousness. So it's not body conscious in a way of appearance and attraction, but this is more connected with the ground, that means the physical world. An angel will go above. We shouldn't waste our time, past is past, it happened, what is next now? This will keep us double light and also carefree.

Om Shanti 

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