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Have a Far-Sighted Intellect #12

Construct_the_New_World_12 Mohini_Didi July 12, 2023

Om Shanti everyone!

Everyone is ok? Feeling well? Anyone need any help? You all are ok? Very good.

Listening everyday about what we have to become and what we have to do helps very much. Whatever sanskars we have, whether of ego or lack of self-respect, by listening everyday and practicing for the full day, doing our homework, it definitely helps us all the time. So, when Baba said that you should bow, some say, “How long should we keep doing it because we don’t see any appreciation or response of that in the form of getting respect.” So, Baba is also mentioning that most of the time your stage is an ordinary stage. We are Brahmins, we are yogis, but sometimes we are in action and very ordinary. So, the knowledge you give to the soul, their quality will also be very ordinary. So, it’s only that some attention is required that I cannot be ordinary. Sometimes the way we speak, the way we respond, or we get disturbed or upset or forceful. All these are called ordinary, right? Any other person would also be like that. Everyone can think, and they have freedom to think whatever they want about me, but what should I do? Remain in self-respect. Some start losing self-confidence, or start doubting one’s own self, or respond in a very reactive way. So, Baba says that you have to bow. Don’t look for temporary results because Baba said that in the Golden Age or the entire cycle, you have been respected and you will be respected. This is only when you become far-sighted. Far-sightedness is very important, that we don’t look at the immediate result. Actually, being far-sighted means that you will get long-term results, you will find that humility, that means you bow. I was mentioning that Dadi Prakashmani, whenever she met anyone, she would bow a little bit. So, some of the brothers used to tell Dadi, “Dadi, they have to bow, why do you have to do it.” She said, “First I have to bow, then they will do it” So, it is not the question of how people respond to my humility or to bow. The question is that this is my nature. This is my culture. This is what I am. So, I cannot change. I will be what I am.

Today if you start reacting or behaving the same as ordinary, lokik people, then it will become your sanskars. So, we have to use our royal sanskars, our divine sanskars more and more at the Confluence Age. So, it’s very interesting, Baba is saying that you are in the Golden Age, but when you are in the Copper Age, Iron Age, they will bow to your idols. Everyone goes in front of idols and bow. So, keep that awareness, keep that image. This is very important, your image of self-respect, image of humility, because Baba says that we are establishing the new world, a new culture. Everything is new. People are not used to it. Baba also said that no one really knows how to donate virtues. Virtues can be donated through thoughts, virtues can be donated through words, virtues can also be donated through actions. If someone gets very impatient, I just maintain my patience. If someone loses tolerance, I have to maintain tolerance. So, donating is being in that virtuous stage, and interacting with that virtue. Then, the other person will say, “Whatever way I behave and speak, but look at this one.” Always be very peaceful, always be very respectful. So, you are donating virtues in other words. Some had been saying to me, “How do I donate virtue?” So, I immediately said that donating a virtue is to be in that stage. I think each one of us has experienced that if you are stabilizing in your stage, in a particular virtue, but then this whole ego comes in. Why? Why do I have to do it? So, ego doesn’t allow us to bow, and doesn’t allow us to be humble. Baba had been saying that when you are detached from the action, you are egoless. Then it is very easy to be humble. All these qualities are required. Baba said that you are the ones who are establishing the new world. Nirman - anything you want to build, mend it, not break it, you have to be humble. If you are not humble, then everything really breaks, doesn’t get constructed.

So, it’s very beautiful homework which we have and then I think we reflect more on that and we are able to maintain that stage of either donating that virtue, or being humble. Awareness creates an elevated stage. When your stage is elevated, your thoughts are elevated, your words are elevated, your actions are elevated, your relationships are elevated. Everything becomes higher quality, which is what we ae doing at the Confluence Age. Whether it is as a Godly family, whether it is a divine family, we do have to donate virtues.

Om Shanti


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