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Harmonize your Sanskars #26

Become _An_Avyakt_Angel_26 Mohini_Didi April 26, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Baba had been giving us teachings or directions about our attitude. Attitude is very subtle, it’s not visible, but it’s very powerful. The vibrations of attitude create the atmosphere. Every person in the room has their own presence and vibrations and has created that energy in the room. One of the main practices Baba gives us which I am not sure how often we do, but whenever you are talking to someone, look at that one as a point of light, as if the soul is talking to the soul. It’s true, because it’s not the body that talks, right, the soul is talking, using the mouth, using the words. So we must maintain this practice. Our homework for tomorrow is actually to try this. From the morning, we start looking at each other as a soul, as a point of light and keep a very pure, very elevated stage. This will help for further homework which Baba will be giving us through Avyakti signals. As much as you are becoming perfect or complete, it will be easy to have alikeness in sanskars. There won’t be any dispute, there won’t be any clash, because we all have different sanskars, because when it comes to soul consciousness, or our eternal stage, like love, love is a common sanskar. Purity is our common sanskar. So if we look at virtues, and then we look at our stages, we all are the same.

Baba gives an example of Shri Krishna doing raas. Dance is different from raas. Raas is like the same rhythm in a very natural way: your hands and your feet, everything moves and it’s not like they’re dancers. Then there is “Raas Leela” and “Ram Leela”. So what do we do, “Ram Leela” or “Raas Leela”? Raas Leela it is. Ram Leela will have demons and deities. So, Baba is giving us some of the yuktis that if you want to do Raas Leela, or if you want to just feel that it is okay, that we all are together, we’re one family, there is love. So, we don’t look at sanskars. Everyone, according to their part, has different sanskars. Just imagine if we all have the same part, how would it be? We have the same qualities, but the part is different. Just think a little bit about what is creating obstructions or difficulties in sanskars. Baba is saying that there are certain things that must have happened in the past and you think about that, but you have to let go, you have to forget what happened in the past. If you hold something, then it appears in your face or eyes and there will be a burden or heaviness. Baba says that it has to be erased, you have to forget, you have to erase it, and then some things, you just merge them. It happened, it passed, it’s good, it’s got something settled. You use the points of knowledge so that you can forget something, you could erase and you could also merge. Baba is saying if you have all these three powers, you will have a powerful way, you will get accomplished, and you will say that no one's sanskars ever bother me, my attention even doesn’t go.

Our relationship is between the souls, and as I said, everyone has different sanskars. I think there should be different sanskars. There’s something called ‘acceptance’. Everyone has different ideas, but we should accept each other’s ideas. Sometimes you see that it has significance, it has importance. So acceptance of sanskars will also help you. Baba connects perfection and success very much together, as much you are perfect, to that extent you will be successful. Baba is saying that if you have some of these powers, and when you apply these powers, you will become complete, but also you will be successful. While making efforts, while doing service, sometimes we find there are a lot of obstacles. Baba is telling us the reason for the obstacles. Just always remember that I have to be complete. If I have to be complete, then I have to overcome all these obstacles, but also, it’s very interesting how Baba is connecting success with our being complete. To become complete, again our awareness, our attitude, our drishti, action-interaction with each other have to be of purity, love, and peace. One way is awareness-smriti and another way is to create an attitude. If suddenly, in your awareness, you start thinking about something that happened five years ago, and it just appears in your awareness, that becomes an obstacle. You then notice a little pollution in that purity, like dark spots. As soon as they emerge, they affect your attitude. You know some people would say that this one used to be so nice with me, but suddenly I find there’s not that much feeling of belonging. If there’s something getting into awareness then there is the attitude, or it could be the other way around. Let your attitude remain brotherly, with Godly love. Baba says when the atmosphere is good, then you’re serving others also. So you are becoming and serving at the same time. Double service or true service is while serving yourself, the world has been served and that is creating an atmosphere.

So we will take our homework, it’s really very beautiful. It’s the beginning of the retreat here in the Peace Village and there will be a lot of souls. Mostly you might not know each other, you might be doing karma yoga together. When you do karma yoga, that’s where sanskars emerge. So lovingly do “Raas Leela “, stay with each other by accepting each other, allowing each other to express themselves as they are. So, it's good homework to start our retreat “Madhuban experience retreat” tomorrow morning, actually it’s already started.

Om Shanti


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